1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2614, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H2614DE2) as follows:
1.3Page 109, after line 4, insert:

1.4    "Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 62J.07, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
1.5    Subd. 2. Membership. The Legislative Commission on Health Care Access
1.6consists of five seven members of the senate appointed under the rules of the senate and
1.7five seven members of the house of representatives appointed under the rules of the house
1.8of representatives. The Legislative Commission on Health Care Access must include three
1.9five members of the majority party and two members of the minority party in each house.

1.10    Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 62J.07, is amended by adding a subdivision to
1.12    Subd. 5. Federal health care reform. (a) The Legislative Commission on
1.13Health Care Access shall analyze options and make recommendations regarding the
1.14implementation of provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act
1.15(Public Law No. 111-148) and the health care reform provisions in the Health Care and
1.16Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law No. 111-152), including:
1.17(1) development of accountable care organizations;
1.18(2) health insurance reform, including options related to coverage, purchasing,
1.19exchange development, and coverage for high risk individuals; and
1.20(3) other provisions that will require changes in state law.
1.21(b) Before finalizing and submitting federal applications for pilot projects authorized
1.22under federal health care reform, the governor and state agencies shall seek review and
1.23advice from the commission.
1.24(c) The commission may create and make appointments to work groups, to assist the
1.25commission in its work. Work group members may include legislators, representatives
2.1of businesses and nonprofit agencies impacted by federal health care reform, academic
2.2experts, and consumer representatives."
2.3Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.4Amend the title accordingly