1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2614, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H2614DE2) as follows:
1.3Page 111, line 8, after "111-148" insert ", sections 2703 and 3502"
1.4Page 111, after line 28, insert:
1.5    "Subd. 4. Health teams. The commissioner shall establish health teams to support
1.6the patient-centered health home and provide the services described in subdivision 3 to
1.7individuals eligible under subdivision 2. The commissioner shall apply for grants or
1.8contracts as provided under section 3502 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
1.9Act to establish health teams and provide capitated payments to primary care providers.
1.10For purposes of this section, "health teams" means community-based, interdisciplinary,
1.11inter-professional teams of health care providers that support primary care practices.
1.12These providers may include medical specialists, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists,
1.13social workers, behavioral and mental health providers, doctors of chiropractic, licensed
1.14complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, and physician's assistants."
1.15Renumber the subdivisions in sequence
1.16Page 111, line 30, after the first "home" insert "and each health team"
1.17Page 111, line 33, after "homes" insert "and health teams"
1.18Page 111, line 35, delete "section 256B.0751" and insert "sections 256B.0751 and
1.20Page 112, line 1, delete "section 256B.0751" and insert "sections 256B.0751 and