1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2614, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H2614DE2) as follows:
1.3Page 78, after line 31, insert:

1.4    "Sec. 6. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 62J.38, is amended to read:
1.6(a) The commissioner shall require group purchasers to submit detailed data on total
1.7health care spending for each calendar year. Group purchasers shall submit data for the
1.81993 calendar year by April 1, 1994, and each April 1 thereafter shall submit data for the
1.9preceding calendar year.
1.10(b) The commissioner shall require each group purchaser to submit data on revenue,
1.11expenses, and member months, as applicable. Revenue data must distinguish between
1.12premium revenue and revenue from other sources and must also include information
1.13on the amount of revenue in reserves and changes in reserves. Expenditure data must
1.14distinguish between costs incurred for patient care and administrative costs, including
1.15amounts paid to contractors, subcontractors, and other entities for the purpose of managing
1.16provider utilization or distributing provider payments. Patient care and administrative
1.17costs must include only expenses incurred on behalf of health plan members and must
1.18not include the cost of providing health care services for nonmembers at facilities owned
1.19by the group purchaser or affiliate. Expenditure data must be provided separately
1.20for the following categories and for other categories required by the commissioner:
1.21physician services, dental services, other professional services, inpatient hospital services,
1.22outpatient hospital services, emergency, pharmacy services and other nondurable medical
1.23goods, mental health, and chemical dependency services, other expenditures, subscriber
1.24liability, and administrative costs. Administrative costs must include costs for marketing;
1.25advertising; overhead; salaries and benefits of central office staff who do not provide
1.26direct patient care; underwriting; lobbying; claims processing; provider contracting and
1.27credentialing; detection and prevention of payment for fraudulent or unjustified requests
2.1for reimbursement or services; clinical quality assurance and other types of medical care
2.2quality improvement efforts; concurrent or prospective utilization review as defined in
2.3section 62M.02; costs incurred to acquire a hospital, clinic, or health care facility, or the
2.4assets thereof; capital costs incurred on behalf of a hospital or clinic; lease payments; or
2.5any other costs incurred pursuant to a partnership, joint venture, integration, or affiliation
2.6agreement with a hospital, clinic, or other health care provider. Capital costs and costs
2.7incurred must be recorded according to standard accounting principles. The reports of
2.8this data must also separately identify expenses for local, state, and federal taxes, fees,
2.9and assessments. The commissioner may require each group purchaser to submit any
2.10other data, including data in unaggregated form, for the purposes of developing spending
2.11estimates, setting spending limits, and monitoring actual spending and costs. In addition to
2.12reporting administrative costs incurred to acquire a hospital, clinic, or health care facility,
2.13or the assets thereof; or any other costs incurred pursuant to a partnership, joint venture,
2.14integration, or affiliation agreement with a hospital, clinic, or other health care provider;
2.15reports submitted under this section also must include the payments made during the
2.16calendar year for these purposes. The commissioner shall make public, by group purchaser
2.17data collected under this paragraph in accordance with section 62J.321, subdivision 5.
2.18Workers' compensation insurance plans and automobile insurance plans are exempt from
2.19complying with this paragraph as it relates to the submission of administrative costs.
2.20(c) The commissioner may collect information on:
2.21(1) premiums, benefit levels, managed care procedures, and other features of health
2.22plan companies;
2.23(2) prices, provider experience, and other information for services less commonly
2.24covered by insurance or for which patients commonly face significant out-of-pocket
2.25expenses; and
2.26(3) information on health care services not provided through health plan companies,
2.27including information on prices, costs, expenditures, and utilization.
2.28(d) All group purchasers shall provide the required data using a uniform format and
2.29uniform definitions, as prescribed by the commissioner."