1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1993, the first committee engrossment,
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 5, delete section 2
1.4Page 8, line 33, delete "(288,000)" and insert "2,900,000" and delete "(421,000)"
1.5and insert "-0-"
1.6Page 9, delete lines 1 to 3
1.7Page 9, line 13, delete "reductions and"
1.8Page 9, delete lines 16 to 32, and insert:
"Subd. 2.Board of Nursing Home
1.11Administrative Services Unit; Transfer.
1.12This appropriation is from the state
1.13government special revenue fund in fiscal
1.14year 2010 to the administrative services
1.15unit. Upon request for a transfer from a
1.16health-related board, the administrative
1.17services unit is authorized to transfer
1.18money from this appropriation to the board
1.19with the approval of the commissioner of
1.20finance. This appropriation does not cancel.
1.21Any unencumbered and unspent balances
1.22remain available for these expenditures in
1.23subsequent fiscal years. The administrative
1.24services unit must report to the legislature
1.25a detailed spending report by September
1.261, 2011, on the uses of these appropriated
2.1Page 10, delete lines 1 to 15
2.2Page 10, line 17, delete "348,000" and insert "361,000" and delete "(154,000)" and
2.3insert "(133,000)"
2.4Page 10, delete lines 18 to 22
2.5Page 10, delete lines 24 to 27
2.6Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.7Amend the title accordingly
2.8Correct the section totals and the appropriation summary