1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1745, the first committee engrossment
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 1, after line 13 , insert:

1.5The commissioner of health shall enroll a licensed pharmacy or individual
1.6pharmacist as a program-registered provider in the pediatric vaccine administration
1.7program under section 13631 of the federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993,
1.8Public Law 103-66, based on the program's infrastructure capacity to enroll the additional
1.9pharmacy providers in the program."
1.10Page 6, after line 32, insert:

1.11    "Sec. 10. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 151.01, subdivision 27, is amended to read:
1.12    Subd. 27. Practice of pharmacy. "Practice of pharmacy" means:
1.13    (1) interpretation and evaluation of prescription drug orders;
1.14    (2) compounding, labeling, and dispensing drugs and devices (except labeling by
1.15a manufacturer or packager of nonprescription drugs or commercially packaged legend
1.16drugs and devices);
1.17    (3) participation in clinical interpretations and monitoring of drug therapy for
1.18assurance of safe and effective use of drugs;
1.19    (4) participation in drug and therapeutic device selection; drug administration for
1.20first dosage and medical emergencies; drug regimen reviews; and drug or drug-related
1.22    (5) participation in administration of influenza vaccines to all eligible individuals
1.23over ten years of age and older and all other vaccines to patients 18 years of age and
1.24older under standing orders from a physician licensed under chapter 147 or by written
1.25protocol with a physician provided that:
2.1    (i) the pharmacist is trained in a program approved by the American Council of
2.2Pharmaceutical Education for the administration of immunizations or graduated from a
2.3college of pharmacy in 2001 or thereafter; and
2.4    (ii) the pharmacist reports the administration of the immunization to the patient's
2.5primary physician or clinic;
2.6    (6) participation in the practice of managing drug therapy and modifying drug
2.7therapy, according to section 151.21, subdivision 1, according to a written protocol
2.8between the specific pharmacist and the individual dentist, optometrist, physician,
2.9podiatrist, or veterinarian who is responsible for the patient's care and authorized to
2.10independently prescribe drugs. Any significant changes in drug therapy must be reported
2.11by the pharmacist to the patient's medical record;
2.12    (7) participation in the storage of drugs and the maintenance of records;
2.13    (8) responsibility for participation in patient counseling on therapeutic values,
2.14content, hazards, and uses of drugs and devices; and
2.15    (9) offering or performing those acts, services, operations, or transactions necessary
2.16in the conduct, operation, management, and control of a pharmacy."
2.17Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.18Amend the title accordingly