1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1512, as follows:
1.2Page 2, delete section 7
1.3Page 5, line 12, delete "on-sales" insert "on-sale or off-sale"
1.4Page 5, line 13, after "beverages" insert "except that stationary electronic bingo may
1.5not be allowed at a licensee for a general foods store or drug store permitted to operate
1.6under 340A.405, subdivision 1"
1.7Page 5, line 14, delete "19" and insert "18"
1.8Page 7, lines 3 to 5, delete the new language and insert ", except as allowed under
1.10Page 7, after line 31, insert:

1.11    "Sec. .... [349.185] GROSS PROFIT ALLOCATION; STATIONARY
1.13    Subdivision 1. Definition. For the purposes of this section, a "year" is determined to
1.14start on the first date of operation of a stationary electronic bingo device at a permitted
1.16    Subd. 2. Gross profit allocation. The allocation of gross profits from the operation
1.17of a stationary electronic bingo device is as follows:
1.18(a) The licensed organization shall receive;
1.19(i) a minimum 50 percent of gross profits to be used exclusively for lawful purpose
1.20expenditures as defined under 349.12, subdivision 25, and
1.21(ii) no more than 15 percent each year for allowable expenses as defined under
1.22349.12, subdivision 3a, including the cost of a lease or purchase of the stationary
1.23electronic bingo devices;
1.24(b) A linked bingo game provider shall receive no more than 25 percent of gross
1.25profits in the first year, no more than 19 percent in the second year, and no more than 15
1.26percent thereafter;
2.1(c) When a stationary electronic bingo device is placed in a location where the
2.2primary business is not bingo, the allocation for rent to the lessor shall be no more than
2.310 percent of gross profits in the first year, no more than 16 percent in the second year,
2.4and no more than 20 percent thereafter. The lessor and the lessor's employees shall
2.5operate the devices on behalf of the licensed organization, and the lessor is responsible
2.6for cash shortages.
2.7(d) When a stationary electronic bingo device is placed in a location where the
2.8primary business is bingo, the lessor is limited to the rent limitations under 349.18,
2.9subdivision 1, item (c), subitem (1)."
2.10Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.11Amend the title accordingly