1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 869, the first committee engrossment, as
1.3Page 3, line 3, delete "June 30, 2009,"
1.4Page 8, line 31 after the comma, insert "except for positions that are essential to the
1.5daily operation of an institution,"
1.6Page 31, delete sections 25 to 28
1.7Page 32, delete sections 29 and 30
1.8Page 45, line 21, delete everything after "damage"
1.9Page 45, delete line 22
1.10Page 45, line 23, delete everything before the period
1.11Page 50, line 24, delete "summer"
1.12Page 50, line 26, delete "for up to eight weeks"
1.13Page 54, line 16, delete "$500,000" and insert "$250,000"
1.14Page 54, line 17, delete "an organization doing"
1.15Page 54, delete line 18
1.16Page 54, line 19, delete "Rapids, Minnesota, that provides" and insert "Minnesota
1.17Diversified Industries to provide"
1.18Page 54, delete line 24 and insert "and program services eligible for funding under
1.19the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This appropriation is available until"
1.20Page 55, after line 6, insert:
1.21"The commissioner shall not use any
1.22unallocated discretionary funds available
1.23to the department under the American
1.24Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Public Law
1.25111-5, to hire full-time or part-time staff or
1.26enter into professional or technical contracts
1.27for any purpose other than administration
2.1of the unemployment insurance program
2.2or to provide direct services to job
2.3seekers, including assistance in filing for
2.4unemployment benefits."
2.5Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.6Amend the title accordingly