1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3279, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 5, delete line 6
1.3Page 5, line 7, delete everything before "protect"
1.4Page 5, line 8, delete "board" and insert "commissioner"
1.5Page 5, line 9, delete "recommend" and insert "act on"
1.6Page 5, line 11, delete "work in consultation with the commissioner to"
1.7Page 5, line 13, delete "assist the commissioner's response" and insert "respond"
1.8Page 5, line 15, delete "make recommendations to the commissioner on" and insert
1.9"take" and after "actions" insert "as necessary,"
1.10Page 5, line 18, delete "to the commissioner"
1.11Page 5, line 29, delete "as assigned by the commissioner" and insert "necessary to
1.12protect the public interest"
1.13Page 5, delete lines 30 to 36
1.14Page 6, delete lines 1 to 11 and insert:
1.15"(b) As part of the application review process for certification under paragraph (a),
1.16prior to issuing a certificate of authority, the commissioner shall:
1.17(1) hold public hearings that provide an adequate opportunity for participating
1.18entities and consumers to provide feedback and recommendations on the application under
1.19consideration. The commissioner shall make all portions of the application classified
1.20as public data available to the public at least ten days in advance of the hearing. The
1.21applicant shall participate in the hearing by presenting an overview of their application
1.22and responding to questions from interested parties;
1.23(2) make available all feedback and recommendations from the hearing available to
1.24the public prior to issuing a certificate of authority; and
1.25(3) consult with hospitals, physicians, and other professionals eligible to receive
1.26meaningful use incentive payments or subject to penalties as established in the HITECH
1.27Act, and their respective statewide associations, prior to issuing a certificate of authority."
2.1Page 6, line 12, delete "(e)" and insert "(c)" and delete "Health Information
2.2Exchange Oversight Board" and insert "commissioner"
2.3Page 6, line 17, delete "Health Information Exchange Oversight Board" and insert
2.5Page 6, line 18, delete "the Health Information"
2.6Page 6, line 19, delete everything before "disclosing"
2.7Page 6, line 21, delete "(f)" and insert "(d)"
2.8Page 6, line 22, delete everything after "all"
2.9Page 9, line 3, delete "Health" and insert "commissioner"
2.10Page 9, line 4, delete everything before "that"
2.11Page 9, line 35, delete ", in" and insert a period
2.12Page 9, delete line 36
2.13Page 10, line 23, delete everything after the period
2.14Page 10, delete line 24
2.15Page 10, line 25, delete everything before "Contract"
2.16Page 12, after line 8, insert:
2.17"(b) reciprocal agreements must include comparable quality of service standards
2.18that ensure equitable levels of services."
2.19Page 12, line 9, delete "(b)" and insert "(c)" and delete "Health" and insert
2.21Page 12, delete line 10
2.22Page 12, line 11, delete "(c)" and insert "(d)"
2.23Page 12, after line 13, insert:
2.24"(e) The commissioner of human services or health, when providing access to data
2.25or services through a certified health information organization, must offer the same data or
2.26services directly through any certified health information organization at the same pricing,
2.27if the health information organization pays for all connection costs to the state data or
2.28service. For all external connectivity to the respective agencies through existing or future
2.29information exchange implementations, the respective agency shall establish the required
2.30connectivity methods as well as protocol standards to be utilized."
2.31Page 12, before line 14, insert:
2.32    "Subd. 6. State participation in health information exchange. A state agency
2.33that connects to a health information exchange service provider for the purpose of
2.34exchanging meaningful use transactions must ensure that the contracted health information
2.35exchange service provider has reciprocal agreements in place as required by this section.
2.36The reciprocal agreements must provide equal access to information supplied by the
3.1agency and necessary for meaningful use by the participating entities of the other health
3.2information service providers."
3.3Page 14, delete lines 15 to 17
3.4Page 14, line 18, delete "(5)" and insert "(4)"
3.5Page 14, line 20, delete "(6)" and insert "(5)"
3.6Page 14, line 23, delete "(7)" and insert "(6)"
3.7Page 14, line 26, delete "(8)" and insert "(7)"
3.8Page 15, delete lines 14 to 18 and insert:
3.9"(b) After a hearing before the commissioner at which the health information
3.10exchange service provider may respond to the grounds for denial, suspension, or
3.11revocation, or upon the failure of the health information exchange service provider to
3.12appear at the hearing, the commissioner shall take action as deemed necessary and shall
3.13issue written findings that shall be mailed to the health information exchange service
3.15Page 15, line 19, delete "or" and insert a comma, and after "revocation" insert ", or
3.16administrative penalty"
3.17Page 15, line 26, before "amount" insert "nature and/or"
3.18Page 16, line 4, delete "legislature" and insert "chairs of the senate and house of
3.19representatives committees having jurisdiction over health information policy issues"
3.20Page 16, line 16, delete "$15,000" and insert "$10,500"
3.21Page 16, line 18, delete "$10,000" and insert "$7,000"
3.22Page 16, line 19, delete "$20,000" and insert "$14,000"
3.23Page 16, line 20, delete "$10,000" and insert "$7,000"
3.24Page 16, after line 24, insert:

3.27To the extent that the commissioner of health applies for additional federal funding
3.28to support the commissioner's responsibilities of developing and maintaining state level
3.29health information exchange under section 3013 of the HITECH Act, the commissioner of
3.30health shall ensure that applications are made through an open process that provides health
3.31information exchange service providers equal opportunity to receive funding."
3.32Page 16, line 27, delete "$140,000" and insert "$104,000"
3.33Page 16, line 28, delete everything after "for" and insert "the duties required"
3.34Page 16, delete line 29 and insert "under sections 62J.498 to 62J.4982"
3.35Page 16, line 30, delete "subdivision 2" and delete "$135,000" and insert "$97,000"
3.36and delete "$130,000" and insert "$97,000"
4.1Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.2Amend the title accordingly