1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1231, the first committee engrossment
1.2(CEH1231-1), as follows:
1.3Page 61, line 15, after "television" insert "or radio"
1.4Page 63, line 11, after "Radio" insert "Stations"
1.5Page 88, line 2, after "organizations" insert "as follows,"
1.6Page 88, line 3, after "director" insert a colon and delete "and"
1.7Page 88, line 4, after "Society," insert "local and regional historical organizations,"
1.8Page 94, line 10, delete ", including state" and insert "from the outdoor heritage fund"
1.9Page 94, line 11, delete "bond proceeds,"
1.10Page 94, line 21, after the period, insert "If the acquisition involves a donation,"
1.11Page 94, line 22, delete "received as a donation"
1.12Page 94, delete lines 26 to 35
1.13Page 95, delete lines 1 to 11 and insert:
1.14    "Subd. 3. Transfer; source of funds. An amount necessary to make the payments
1.15required under this section is annually appropriated to the commissioner of natural
1.16resources from the outdoor heritage fund for transfer to the commissioner of revenue. The
1.17commissioner of revenue shall make the payments required under this section to the
1.18counties at the same time that the first half of aid payments under sections 477A.011 to
1.19477A.014 are made.
1.20    Subd. 4. Investment and use of funds. (a) Upon receipt of a onetime payment,
1.21the county shall disburse to each town an equivalent percentage of the onetime payment
1.22as would have been distributed to the town under section 477A.14 of funds paid under
1.23section 477A.12.
1.24(b) The onetime payment remaining after disbursement under paragraph (a) shall be
1.25invested and only the interest may be expended, except that the board may approve by
1.26unanimous vote the use of principal for authorized purposes when it is determined that
2.1the interest payment is insufficient for a required expenditure. The interest or authorized
2.2principal may only be used for the purposes under section 97A.061 or 477A.12."
2.3Page 97, line 32, after "TELEVISION" insert "AND RADIO"
2.4Page 98, line 1, after "subdivision 2" insert ", and public educational radio stations"
2.5Page 98, line 5, after "television" insert "or radio"
2.6Page 98, line 9, after "Association" insert "or the Association of Minnesota Public
2.7Educational Radio Stations"
2.8Page 98, line 28, after "viewership" insert "or number of listeners"