1.1    .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 4055 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.5    (a) The commissioner of transportation shall submit a report to the chairs and
1.6ranking minority members of the senate and house committees with jurisdiction over
1.7transportation policy and finance and over economic development policy and finance that
1.8proposes a model public information program targeted at small businesses as defined in
1.9Minnesota Statutes, section 645.445, subdivision 2, that are impacted by transportation
1.10construction projects.
1.11    (b) The report must include, but not be limited to:
1.12    (1) identification of methods and techniques for informing small businesses about
1.13upcoming transportation construction projects;
1.14    (2) a description of components of an information packet for businesses, which
1.16    (i) the nature, extent, and timing of planned construction, including anticipated
1.17changes in parking, traffic, and public access in the area;
1.18    (ii) identification of a contact within the appropriate road authority that can provide
1.19information about construction progress and timing; and
1.20    (iii) a listing of area business development organizations that can assistant businesses
1.21with financing, marketing, and technical counseling during the construction period; and
1.22    (3) recommendations for opportunities to provide further assistance to small
1.23businesses impacted by transportation construction projects.
1.24    (c) In preparing the report, the commissioner shall consult with the commissioner of
1.25employment and economic development, the Metropolitan Council, counties, cities, and
1.26community organizations, including a metropolitan consortium of community developers
1.27and local chambers of commerce.
2.1    (d) The commissioner of transportation shall submit the report no later than March
2.215, 2009."