1.1    .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2362, the delete everything amendment
1.2(A08-0842), as follows:
1.3Page 158, after line 32, insert:

1.6    (a) If the city elects upon the adoption of a tax increment financing plan for a district,
1.7the rules under this section apply to a redevelopment tax increment financing district
1.8established by the city of Fridley or the housing and redevelopment authority of the city.
1.9The redevelopment tax increment district includes the following parcels and adjacent
1.10railroad property and shall be referred to as the Northstar Transit Station District: parcel
1.11numbers 223024120010, 223024120009, 223024120017, 223024120016, 223024120018,
1.12223024120012, 223024120011, 223024120005, 223024120004, 223024120003,
1.13223024120013, 223024120008, 223024120007, 223024120006, 223024130005,
1.14223024130010, 223024130011, 223024130003, 153024440039, 153024440037,
1.15153024440041, 153024440042, 223024110013, 223024110016, 223024110017,
1.16223024140008, 223024130002, 223024420004, 223024410002, 223024410003,
1.17223024110008, 223024110007, 223024110019, 223024110018, 223024110003,
1.18223024140003, 223024140009, 223024140002, 223024140010, and 223024410007.
1.19    (b) The requirements for qualifying a redevelopment tax increment district under
1.20Minnesota Statutes, section 469.174, subdivision 10, do not apply to the parcels located
1.21within the Northstar Transit Station District, which are deemed eligible for inclusion
1.22in a redevelopment tax increment district.
1.23    (c) In addition to the costs permitted by Minnesota Statutes, section 469.176,
1.24subdivision 4j, eligible expenditures within the Northstar Transit Station District include
1.25those costs necessary to provide for the development or expanded use of a transfer station.
1.26For purposes of this subdivision, transfer station means a physical structure or designated
1.27area that supports the interconnection of various transportation modes, including light
2.1rail, commuter rail, and bus rapid transit, and that promotes and achieves the loading,
2.2discharging, and transporting of people.
2.3    (d) Notwithstanding the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, section 469.1763,
2.4subdivision 2, the city of Fridley may expend increments generated from its tax increment
2.5financing districts numbers 11, 12, and 13 for costs permitted by paragraph (c) and
2.6Minnesota Statutes, section 469.176, subdivision 4j, outside the boundaries of tax
2.7increment financing districts numbers 11, 12, and 13, but only within the Northstar
2.8Transit Station District.
2.9    (e) The five-year rule under Minnesota Statutes, section 469.1763, subdivision 3,
2.10does not apply to the Northstar Transit Station District or to tax increment financing
2.11districts numbers 11, 12, and 13.
2.12    (f) The use of revenues for decertification under Minnesota Statutes, section
2.13469.1763, subdivision 4, does not apply to tax increment financing districts numbers
2.1411, 12, and 13.
2.15EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective upon approval by the governing body
2.16of the city of Fridley and upon compliance by the city with Minnesota Statutes, section
2.17645.021, subdivision 3.

2.19    Subdivision 1. Authority. The city of Dayton may establish an economic
2.20development tax increment financing district under the authority provided in this
2.21section. The city may include area with the jurisdiction of the town of Hassan to the
2.22extent authorized by a joint powers agreement with the town. This district must be
2.23established within the area defined in subdivision 2 and is subject to the special rules
2.24under subdivision 3.
2.25    Subd. 2. Defined area. The district must be established within the area defined as
2.26the southwestern corner of the city of Dayton bounded by Brockton Lane (also known
2.27as Hennepin County Road 101) to the west, 109th Avenue North to the south, Hennepin
2.28County Highway 81 diagonally to the north and east from 109th Avenue northwesterly
2.29to a line 120 feet east of the extension of York Avenue northerly to a line 120 feet north
2.30of Gay Wood Drive and then west to Brockton Lane (Hennepin County Road 101). The
2.31area within the jurisdiction of the town of Hassan that may be included in the district is
2.32limited to and defined as all the land within the town of Hassan north of 109th Avenue
2.33North, east of Fletcher Lane (also know as Hennepin County Road 116), south of I-94
2.34and west of Brockton Lane (Hennepin County Road 101).
3.1    Subd. 3. Special rules. The district is subject to the rules under Minnesota Statutes,
3.2sections 469.174 to 469.1799, with the following exceptions:
3.3    (1) the city need not make the findings required by Minnesota Statutes, section
3.4469.174, subdivision 12;
3.5    (2) the restrictions on the expenditures of increments under Minnesota Statutes,
3.6section 469.176, subdivision 4c, do not apply;
3.7    (3) the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, section 469.176, subdivision 5, do not
3.8apply to the district;
3.9    (4) the provisions of section 469.176, subdivision 7, do not apply to the district; and
3.10    (5) the district's tax increments must be used only to pay for the costs related
3.11to Brockton interchange project, including land acquisition, public infrastructure, and
3.12administrative costs, whether paid directly or to reimburse for payment of those costs or to
3.13repay bonds or other obligations issued and sold to pay those costs initially.
3.14EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective upon compliance by the governing
3.15body of the city of Dayton and by the board of supervisors of the town of Hassan with
3.16Minnesota Statutes, section 645.021."
3.17Renumber the sections in sequence and correct internal references
3.18Amend the title accordingly