1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 854, the first committee engrossment,
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 3, line 33, delete "August" and insert "September"
1.4Page 4, line 15, delete "August" and insert "September"
1.5Page 4, line 23, delete "August" and insert "September"
1.6Page 4, line 36, delete "August" and insert "September"
1.7Page 5, line 5, delete "August" and insert "September"
1.8Page 6, line 2, delete "August" and insert "September"
1.9Page 6, line 14, delete "0.8" and insert "0.6" and delete "1.0" and insert "0.8"
1.10Page 6, line 21, after "pound" insert "for manufacturers who recycle less than
1.1150 percent of the product (A x B); $.40 per pound for manufacturers who recycle at
1.12least 50 percent but less than 90 percent of the product (A x B); and $.30 per pound for
1.13manufacturers who recycle at least 90 percent but less than 100 percent of the product
1.14(A x B)"
1.15Page 7, delete line 5 and insert:
1.16    "(b) Until June 30, 2009, money in the account is annually appropriated to the Pollution Control Agency:"
1.17Page 7, line 6, delete everything after "(1)"
1.19Page 7, line 7, delete "revenue" and after "115A.1330" insert ", including transfer
1.20to the commissioner of revenue to carry out the department's duties under section
1.21115A.1320, subdivision 2"
1.22Page 7, line 13, after the period, insert "In awarding competitive grants under this
1.23clause, the commissioner must give preference to counties and private entities that are
1.24working cooperatively with manufacturers to help them meet their recycling obligations
1.25under section 115A.1318, subdivision 1."
1.26Page 7, line 17, delete "August" and insert "September"
1.27Page 7, line 27, delete "August" and insert "September"
2.1Page 8, line 1, delete "August" and insert "September"
2.2Page 12, line 19, after the period, insert "Cities, counties, and other public agencies,
2.3including those awarded contracts by the agency under section 115A.1314, subdivision
2.42, are encouraged to work with manufacturers to assist them in meeting their recycling
2.5obligations under section 115A.1318, subdivision 1."
1.4Page 13, after line 25, insert:

1.6    Prior to the governor making budget recommendations to the legislature in 2009,
1.7the Pollution Control Agency must report on revenues received and expenditures made
1.8under Minnesota Statutes, section 115A.1314, subdivision 2, during fiscal years 2008 and
1.92009 and request the governor to recommend a direct appropriation for the purposes of
1.10that section."