1.1    .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 797, the second committee engrossment,
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 5, delete lines 19 to 22
1.4Page 21, after line 17, insert:

1.7    The Office of Higher Education must review and evaluate the existing financial
1.8aid programs that provide loans and grants to students in postsecondary education and
1.9the needs of the workforce for occupations that are currently or will be in demand. The
1.10study must evaluate how effective the financial aid programs are at linking the needs of
1.11the workforce with student need for financial aid. The study must also identify options
1.12for designing financial aid programs including loan forgiveness and loan repayment
1.13programs that target the needs of workforce and provide incentives to students to
1.14pursue postsecondary education in fields with identified workforce needs. By February
1.1515, 2008, the office must report to the legislative committees responsible for higher
1.16education and workforce development on the findings of the study and provide options
1.17and recommendations on how to deliver financial aid, provide incentives for students, and
1.18meet the needs of the workforce for occupations that include speech pathologists and other
1.19occupations with unmet need."
1.20Page 26, line 30, after "appropriated" insert "in fiscal years 2008 and 2009"
1.21Page 39, delete section 26
1.22Page 59, line 19, after "appropriated" insert "in fiscal years 2008 and 2009"
1.23Page 65, line 31, after "appropriated" insert "in fiscal years 2008 and 2009"
1.24Page 68, line 29, delete "94,435,000" and insert "94,635,000" and delete
1.25"154,519,000" and insert "154,719,000"
1.26Page 68, line 35, delete "135,326,000" and insert "135,526,000" and delete
1.27"236,749,000" and insert "236,949,000"
2.1Page 69, line 16, delete "100,762,000" and insert "100,952,000"
2.2Page 69, line 19, delete "85,892,000" and insert "86,082,000"
2.3Page 69, line 27, delete "48,868,000" and insert "49,058,000"
2.4Page 69, line 29, delete "48,168,000" and insert "48,358,000"
2.5Page 70, line 30, delete "$1,990,000" and insert "$2,180,000"
2.6Page 76, line 7, after "fuel" insert "program"
2.7Page 78, line 14, delete "48,896,000" and insert "48,906,000"
2.8Page 78, line 16, delete "34,726,000" and insert "34,736,000"
2.9Page 80, line 10, delete "$250,000" and insert "$300,000"
2.10Page 80, line 16, after the period insert "$50,000 of this amount is for a pilot Life
2.11Track project in Rochester."
2.12Page 82, after line 25, insert:
2.13"(w) $10,000 the first year is for a study on
2.14ways to promote employment opportunities
2.15for minorities, with a particular focus on
2.16opportunities for American blacks, in the
2.17state of Minnesota. The study should focus
2.18on how to significantly expand the job
2.19training available to minorities and promote
2.20substantial increases in the wages paid to
2.21minorities, at least to a rate well above living
2.22wage, and within several years to equality.
2.23The commissioner must report on the study
2.24to the governor and the chair of the finance
2.25committee in each house of the legislature
2.26that has jurisdiction over employment by
2.27January 15, 2008, with recommendations for
2.28implementing the findings."
2.29Page 84, line 26, delete "licensing" and insert "certification"
2.30Page 86, line 1, after "fuel" insert "program"
2.31Page 86, line 2, delete subdivision 1
2.32Renumber the subdivisions in sequence
2.33Page 86, line 7, after "program" insert "(NDF)"
2.34Page 86, line 24, delete "use of and"
2.35Page 119, line 18, delete "DEFINITIONS" and insert "INDEPENDENT
3.1Page 123, line 7, after "contractor" insert "who meets the qualifications under
3.2subdivision 6,"
3.3Page 123, line 18, delete "for whom an individual is performing services"
3.4Page 123, line 31, delete "(a)"
3.5Page 123, line 32, delete "$1,000" and insert "$5,000"
3.6Page 123, delete lines 34 to 36
3.7Page 124, delete lines 1 to 10
3.8Page 125, line 8, delete "or section 326B.083"
3.9Page 125, line 13, delete "or section 326B.083"
3.10Page 125, line 14, delete "for reconsideration or request"
3.11Page 125, line 17, delete "or notice of violation,"
3.12Page 126, line 1, delete "326.98" and insert "326.84"
3.13Page 130, after line 14, insert:

3.14    "Sec. 23. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 326.37, is amended by adding a subdivision
3.15to read:
3.16    Subd. 4. Air admittance valves and water free urinals prohibited. (1)
3.17Mechanical devices and/or fittings with internal moving parts are prohibited from
3.18installation in plumbing venting systems.
3.19    (2) All urinals covered under the jurisdiction of the state plumbing code must have a
3.20water flush device with a volume of not more than one gallon per use."
3.21Page 132, line 5, after "appropriated" insert "in fiscal years 2008 and 2009"
3.22Page 132, after line 6, insert:
3.23    "Subd. 4. Transfer of authority; plumbing board. The authority of the
3.24commissioners of health and labor and industry to adopt rules relating to plumbers is
3.25transferred to the Plumbing Board. Licenses and permits currently in effect remain in
3.26effect according to their terms unless affected by board action. Rules adopted by the
3.27commissioner of health or labor and industry remain in effect until amended or repealed by
3.28the board. The commissioner of administration may not use the authority under Minnesota
3.29Statutes, section 16B.37, to modify the transfers of authority in this act.
3.30    Subd. 5 First meeting; appointments for plumbing board. The governor must
3.31complete the appointments required by Minnesota Statutes, section 326.372, no later than
3.32July 1, 2007. The commissioner of labor and industry shall convene the first meeting of
3.33the Plumbing Board no later than September 1, 2007."
3.34Page 137, delete section 34 and insert:

3.35    "Sec. 34. REPEALER.
4.1Minnesota Statutes 2006, sections 176.042; 268.035, subdivision 9; and 326.45, are
4.3EFFECTIVE DATE.Sections 176.042 and 286.035, subdivision 9, are repealed
4.4effective January 1, 2009."
4.5Page 139, line 28, after "appropriated" insert "in fiscal years 2008 and 2009"
4.6Page 142, delete section 14
4.7Page 143, delete section 15
4.8Page 148, after line 17 insert:

4.9    "Sec. 4. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 326.242, subdivision 3d, is amended to read:
4.10    Subd. 3d. Power limited technician. (a) Except as otherwise provided by law, no
4.11person shall install, alter, repair, plan, lay out, or supervise the installing, altering, or
4.12repairing of electrical wiring, apparatus, or equipment for technology circuits or systems
4.14    (1) the person is licensed by the board as a power limited technician; and
4.15    (2) the electrical work is:
4.16    (i) for a licensed contractor and the person is an employee, partner, or officer of,
4.17or is the licensed contractor; or
4.18    (ii) performed under the supervision of a master electrician or power limited
4.19technician also employed by the person's employer on technology circuits, systems,
4.20apparatus, equipment, or facilities owned or leased by the employer that are located within
4.21the limits of property owned or leased, operated, and maintained by the employer.
4.22    (b) An applicant for a power limited technician's license shall (1) be a graduate of a
4.23four-year electrical course in an accredited college or university; or (2) have had at least 36
4.24months' experience, acceptable to the board, in planning for, laying out, supervising, and
4.25installing wiring, apparatus, or equipment for power limited systems, provided however,
4.26that the board may by rule provide for the allowance of up to 12 months (2,000 hours)
4.27of experience credit for successful completion of a two-year post high school electrical
4.28course or other technical training approved by the board.
4.29    (c) The board may initially set experience requirements without rulemaking, but
4.30must adopt rules before July 1, 2004.
4.31    (d) Licensees must attain eight hours of continuing education acceptable to the
4.32board every renewal period.
4.33    (e) A person who has submitted an application by June 30, 2003, to take the alarm
4.34and communications examination administered by the board, and who has achieved a
4.35minimal score of 70 percent on the examination by September 30, 2003, may obtain a
5.1power limited technician license without further examination by submitting an application
5.2and a license fee of $30.
5.3    (f) A company holding an alarm and communication license as of June 30, 2003,
5.4may designate one person who may obtain a power limited technician license without
5.5passing an examination administered by the board by submitting an application and
5.6license fee of $30.
5.7    (g) A person who has submitted an application by September 30, 2005December
5.831, 2007, to take the power limited technician examination administered by the
5.9boarddepartment is not required to meet the qualifications set forth in paragraph (b).
5.10EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
5.11Adjust amounts accordingly
5.12Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
5.13Amend the title accordingly