1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 305, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 7, after line 2, insert:

1.4    Subdivision 1. Artificial trans fat restricted. No foods containing artificial
1.5trans fat, as defined in this section, shall be stored, distributed, held for service, used
1.6in preparation of any menu item or served in any food service establishment or by any
1.7mobile food unit commissary, except food that is being served directly to patrons in a
1.8manufacturer's original sealed package.
1.9    Subd. 2. Definition. For the purposes of this section, a food shall be deemed to
1.10contain artificial trans fat if the food is labeled as, lists as an ingredient, or has vegetable
1.11shortening, margarine or any kind of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. However, a
1.12food whose nutrition facts label or other documentation from the manufacturer lists the
1.13trans fat content of the food as less than 0.5 grams per serving, shall not be deemed to
1.14contain artificial trans fat.
1.15    Subd. 3. Labels required. (a) Original labels. Food service establishments and
1.16mobile food unit commissaries shall maintain on site the original labels for all food
1.18    (i) that are, or that contain, fats, oils or shortenings, and
1.19    (ii) that are, when purchased by such food service establishments or mobile food
1.20unit commissaries, required by applicable federal and state law to have labels, and
1.21    (iii) that are currently being stored, distributed, held for service, used in preparation
1.22of any menu items, or served by the food service establishment, or by the mobile food
1.23unit commissary.
1.24    (b) Documentation instead of labels. Documentation acceptable to the department,
1.25from the manufacturers of such food products, indicating whether the food products
2.1contain vegetable shortening, margarine or any kind of partially hydrogenated vegetable
2.2oil, or indicating trans fat content, may be maintained instead of original labels.
2.3    (c) Documentation required when food products are not labeled. If baked goods,
2.4or other food products restricted pursuant to subdivision 1 of this section, that are or
2.5that contain fats, oils or shortenings, are not required to be labeled when purchased,
2.6food service establishments and mobile food commissaries shall obtain and maintain
2.7documentation acceptable to the department, from the manufacturers of the food products,
2.8indicating whether the food products contain vegetable shortening, margarine or any kind
2.9of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, or indicating trans fat content.
2.10EFFECTIVE DATE.This section shall take effect on July 1, 2007, with respect to
2.11oils, shortenings and margarines containing artificial trans fat that are used for frying or in
2.12spreads; except that the effective date of this section with regard to oils or shortenings
2.13used for deep frying of yeast dough or cake batter, and all other foods containing artificial
2.14trans fat, shall be July 1, 2008."
2.15Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.16Amend the title accordingly