1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 297, the delete everything amendment,
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 29, after line 33, insert:

1.5    The commissioner of human services shall report:
1.6    (1) the number and percentage of children entering out-of-home placement who are
1.7on prescribed psychotropic medications, and
1.8    (2) the number and percentage of children in out-of-home placement who are on
1.9prescribed psychotropic medications at the time of each six-month administrative or
1.10judicial review.
1.11    The commissioner shall make the report no later than January 15 each year,
1.12beginning January 15, 2008, to the house and senate committees with jurisdiction over
1.13child welfare."
1.14Page 70, line 24, after the period, insert: "The final evaluation must include
1.15recommendations on whether care coordination through the U special kids program should
1.16be extended to medical assistance enrollees who are children with high-cost mental health
1.17conditions and behavioral problems."
1.18Page 70, delete section 15
1.19Page 208, after line 8, insert:

1.20    "Sec. .... SOBER HOUSES.
1.21    Subdivision 1. Sober house defined. For purposes of this section, a "sober house"
1.22means a cooperative living residence that:
1.23    (1) provides temporary housing to persons with alcohol or other drug dependency
1.24and abuse problems in exchange for compensation;
1.25    (2) stipulates residents must abstain from using alcohol or drugs and meet other
1.26requirements as a condition of living in the residence; and
2.1    (3) does not provide counseling or treatment services to those residents, within the
2.2meaning of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 148C or 254A.
2.3    Subd. 2. Work group creation; membership. The commissioner of human services
2.4shall convene a sober house work group which is comprised of the following members:
2.5    (1) sober house landlords;
2.6    (2) sober house residents:
2.7    (3) community members with knowledge of sober housing:
2.8    (4) representatives of cities and counties;
2.9    (5) a representative from the Department of Human Services, Chemical Health
2.11    (6) a representative from the Department of Human Services, Licensing Division;
2.12    (7) a representative of chemical dependency treatment providers; and
2.13    (8) a representative from the Department of Health.
2.14    Subd. 3 Report. The work group created in subdivision 2 is directed to study the
2.15issue of sober houses in the state and determine whether state licensing or other regulation
2.16of sober houses is appropriate. Based on findings of the work group, the commissioner of
2.17human services shall submit a report of recommendations to the legislature by January
2.181, 2008."
2.19Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.20Amend the title accordingly