1.1    .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3709 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.5    (a) Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, sections 92.45 and 282.018, subdivision 1,
1.6and the public sale provisions of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 282, Chippewa County may
1.7convey to Chippewa County for no consideration the tax-forfeited land bordering public
1.8water that is described in paragraph (c).
1.9    (b) The conveyance must be in a form approved by the attorney general and provide
1.10that the land reverts to the state if the county fails to provide for the public use described
1.11in paragraph (d) or abandons the public use of the land. The attorney general may make
1.12necessary changes to the legal description to correct errors and ensure accuracy.
1.13    (c) The land that may be conveyed is located in Chippewa County and is described
1.14as follows:
1.15    (1) Tract 1: a tract in Government Lot 2 described as: beginning at the southeast
1.16corner of Lot 6, Block 1, Original Plat Wegdahl; thence West 50 feet South, 50 Feet West
1.17on a line 50 feet South of the south line of Block 1 to the river; thence southeasterly
1.18along the river to a point 165 feet South of the south line of Block 1; thence East on a
1.19line parallel with the south line of Block 1, to the intersection with the continuation of the
1.20east line of Lot 6, Block 1; thence North 165 feet to the point of beginning, Section 3,
1.21Township 116, Range 40;
1.22    (2) Tract 2: a 50 foot strip adjacent to Block 1, Original Plat Wegdahl on South from
1.23Lot 3 to river, in Section 3, Township 116, Range 40; and
1.24    (3) Tract 3: Lot 1, Block 2, Aadlands Subdivision.
1.25    (d) The county will use the land to establish a public park."
1.26Delete the title and insert:
1.27"A bill for an act
2.1relating to state lands; authorizing conveyance of certain tax-forfeited land
2.2bordering public water in Chippewa County."