1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 1987, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.4    Subdivision 1. Membership; terms; removal; vacancy. (a) There is created a
1.5Minnesota Medical Consumer Council consisting of 13 members. The 13 members
1.6shall include:
1.7    (1) the commissioner of health or the commissioner's designee;
1.8    (2) the commissioner of employee relations or the commissioner's designee;
1.9    (3) the commissioner of human services or the commissioner's designee;
1.10    (4) three public members who are employers, none of which is a provider of medical
1.11care or an insurer;
1.12    (5) three public members who are experts to be drawn from academia, providers of
1.13medical care, or administrators of medical care plans; and
1.14    (6) four public members who are citizens representing different consumer
1.15perspectives, including an individual who represents one of each of the following: (i)
1.16insured through an employer; (ii) purchases insurance through a self-employed or small
1.17business plan; (iii) uninsured; and (iv) receives coverage through a government assistance
1.19    (b) Public members under paragraph (a), clauses (4) to (6), shall be appointed as
1.21    (1) the governor, the senate Subcommittee on Committees of the Committee on
1.22Rules and Administration, and the speaker of the house of representatives shall each
1.23appoint a member under paragraph (a), clause (4);
1.24    (2) the governor, the senate Subcommittee on Committees of the Committee on
1.25Rules and Administration, and the speaker of the house shall each appoint a member
1.26under paragraph (a), clause (5); and
2.1    (3) the senate Subcommittee on Committees of the Committee on Rules and
2.2Administration, the minority leader of the senate, the minority leader of the house, and the
2.3speaker of the house shall each appoint a public member under paragraph (a), clause (6).
2.4    (c) The council shall annually elect a chair from among its members and may elect
2.5other officers as necessary.
2.6    (d) Members shall serve for four-year terms.
2.7    (e) Removal and vacancy procedures are governed by section 15.059.
2.8    Subd. 2. Compensation; per diems. Members of the council may receive per diem
2.9and compensation payments as provided in section 15.059.
2.10    Subd. 3. Expiration. The council is not subject to the expiration date provisions
2.11of section 15.059.
2.12    Subd. 4. Duties and powers. (a) The council shall:
2.13    (1) act as a consumer voice to inform decision-making on medical facility capacity;
2.14    (2) assess the availability and capacity of medical services in existing medical
2.15facilities; and
2.16    (3) advise the governor and the legislature on market reforms relating to medical
2.17facilities and services.
2.18    (b) The council may contract in its own name, including contracts for office space
2.19and equipment. Contracts must be approved and executed by the chair of the council.
2.20    Subd. 5. Conflict of interest. The conflict of interest provisions of section 10A.07
2.21apply to members of the council.
2.22    Subd. 6. State agency assistance. Other state agencies may supply the council upon
2.23request with advisory staff services on matters relating to the jurisdiction of the council.
2.24The council shall cooperate and coordinate its activities with other state agencies to the
2.25highest possible degree.
2.26    Subd. 7. Report. The council shall prepare and distribute a report to the governor
2.27and the house of representatives and senate committees having jurisdiction over health by
2.28November 15 of each even-numbered year. The report shall summarize the activities of
2.29the council since its last report, list receipts and expenditures, identify the major problems
2.30and issues confronting the medical services market, and list the specific objectives that the
2.31council seeks to attain during the next biennium.
2.32    Subd. 8. Appointments; initial meeting. Appointments to the council shall be
2.33made by August 1, 2007. The initial meeting of the council shall be convened by the
2.34commissioner of health, at which time the council shall elect a chair.

3.2    By January 31, 2008, the Minnesota Medical Consumer Council shall report to
3.3the chairs of house of representatives and senate committees having jurisdiction over
3.4health with recommendations on the feasibility of applying competitive bidding to provide
3.5medical services when capacity is added to medical facilities.

3.6    Sec. 3. APPROPRIATION.
3.7    $....... is appropriated for the biennium beginning July 1, 2007, from the general
3.8fund to the Minnesota Medical Consumer Council for the purposes of sections 1 and 2.

3.9    Sec. 4. EFFECTIVE DATE.
3.10    This act is effective the day following final enactment."
3.11Delete the title and insert:
3.12"A bill for an act
3.13relating to health; establishing the Minnesota Medical Consumer Council;
3.14requiring appointments; requiring reports; appropriating money;proposing
3.15coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 3."