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Minnesota Climate Action Caucus

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The Minnesota Climate Action Plan will outline a bold path forward for Minnesotans to work together to create a future in which we all thrive. Minnesota has a rich and well-resourced policy landscape around climate and clean energy. We are hoping to engage these parties as well as an expanded group to create a cohesive vision for the kind of future Minnesotans can create together, a future in which Minnesota is doing what the climate crisis calls for and every Minnesotan has a vital role in our state's future.

All Minnesotans have a stake in a safe, healthy climate; and all Minnesotans have a role to play in creating this future. Minnesotans deserve leadership that looks at climate change as the huge challenge it is and says, we can do this. The Minnesota Climate Action Plan will say, we can do this Minnesota. We need you to join us in making it our reality.

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Community Conversations on Climate

Higher Education and Climate Conversation
  • When: January 24th, 2020 from 10 a.m.-noon
  • Where: State Office Building, Room 200
  • Who: Co-chaired by Rep. Acomb and Rep. Bernardy
Past Meetings:
  • Environment and Climate Conversation (1/12/2020): Co-chaired by Rep. Acomb and Rep. Hansen,
    Dodge Nature Center, 1701 Charlton Street, West St. Paul, MN 55118
  • Health and Climate Conversation (12/04/2019): Co-chaired by Reps. Acomb, Mann, and Morrison, State Office Building, Room 5
    Watch a full video replay:
  • Transportation and Climate (11/13/2019): Co-chaired by Rep. Acomb and Rep. Hornstein, testimony was heard from MNDOT, MetCouncil, COPAL, UMN CTS, MoveMN, Fresh Energy, Sierra Club, and MN350.
  • Housing and Climate (11/13/2019): Co-chaired by Rep. Acomb and Rep. Hausman, hosted by Homes for All MN, State Office Building, Room 200

Climate Action Caucus Members

  • Rep. Patty Acomb
  • Rep. Kristin Bahner
  • Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn
  • Rep. Connie Bernardy
  • Rep. Robert Bierman
  • Rep. Jeff Brand
  • Rep. Hunter Cantrell
  • Rep. Andrew Carlson
  • Rep. Lyndon Carlson
  • Rep. Shelly Christensen
  • Rep. Anne Claflin
  • Rep. Jack Considine
  • Rep. Jim Davnie
  • Rep. Raymond Dehn
  • Rep. Heather Edelson
  • Rep. Steve Elkins
  • Rep. Peter Fischer
  • Rep. Mike Freiberg
  • Rep. Aisha Gomez
  • Rep. Rick Hansen
  • Rep. Alice Hausman
  • Rep. Kaohly Her
  • Rep. Frank Hornstein
  • Rep. Melissa Hortman
  • Rep. Michael Howard
  • Rep. John Huot
  • Rep. Ginny Klevorn
  • Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein
  • Rep. Fue Lee
  • Rep. John Lesch
  • Rep. Tina Liebling
  • Rep. Leon Lillie
  • Rep. Todd Lippert
  • Rep. Jamie Long
  • Rep. Alice Mann
  • Rep. Sandra Masin
  • Rep. Kelly Moller
  • Rep. Kelly Morrison
  • Rep. Mohamud Noor
  • Rep. Liz Olson
  • Rep. John Persell
  • Rep. Dave Pinto
  • Rep. Jeanne Poppe
  • Rep. Laurie Pryor
  • Rep. Steve Sandell
  • Rep. Jen Schultz
  • Rep. Zack Stephenson
  • Rep. Brad Tabke
  • Rep. Samantha Vang
  • Rep. Jean Wagenius
  • Rep. Ami Wazlawik
  • Rep. Ryan Winkler
  • Rep. Dan Wolgamott
  • Rep. Jay Xiong
  • Rep. Tou Xiong