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Wednesday, April 25, 2001

The following House Files were introduced:

Davids introduced:

H. F. No. 2487, A bill for an act relating to taxation; sales and use; exempting the purchase of construction materials and equipment used in expanding and improving the community building in the city of Chatfield for ambulance and police services and for other purposes; amending Minnesota Statutes 2000, sections 297A.71, by adding a subdivision; 297A.75.

The bill was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Taxes

Paulsen, Abrams, Rifenberg, Knoblach, Tingelstad, Seifert and Boudreau introduced:

H. F. No. 2488, A joint resolution relating to redistricting; establishing districting principles for legislative and congressional plans.

The bill was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Redistricting

Leppik, Stang, Dehler, Cassell, Tuma and Seifert introduced:

H. F. No. 2489, A bill for an act relating to education; appropriating money for education and related purposes to the higher education services office, board of trustees of the Minnesota state colleges and universities, board of regents of the University of Minnesota, and the Mayo medical foundation, with certain conditions; establishing an account in the state enterprise fund; authorizing expenditures from the medical education endowment fund; modifying appropriations for certain enrollments; modifying reciprocity provisions; adjusting assigned family responsibility; modifying grant provisions; establishing a grant program for certain students; providing for acquisition of certain facilities by the board of trustees; clarifying tuition refund policy for certain students; authorizing transfers from the tobacco use prevention and local public health endowment fund; deleting obsolete references; making various clarifying and technical changes; establishing a commission on University of Minnesota excellence; amending Minnesota Statutes 2000, sections 62J.694, subdivision 2, by adding a subdivision; 135A.031, subdivision 2; 136A.08, subdivisions 2 and 3; 136A.101, subdivisions 5a, 8; 136A.121, subdivisions 6, 9; 136A.125, subdivisions 2, 4; 136F.13, subdivision 1; 136F.60, subdivision 2; 137.10; 144.395, subdivisions 1, 2; 169.966; 299A.45, subdivisions 1, 4; 354.094, subdivision 2; 354.69; 356.24, subdivision 1; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapters 16A; 136A; 136F; repealing Minnesota Statutes 2000, sections 16A.87; 135A.06, subdivision 1; 136F.13, subdivision 2; Laws 1986, chapter 398, article 1, section 18; Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 66.

The bill was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Ways and Means

Biernat introduced:

H. F. No. 2490, A bill for an act relating to veterans affairs; appropriating money for a grant to plan a veterans' memorial on the banks of the Mississippi river.

The bill was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on State Government Finance

Kubly, Gunther, Peterson, Swenson, Marquart, Abeler and Johnson, R., introduced:

H. F. No. 2491, A bill for an act relating to flood relief; providing disaster relief and mitigation measures for counties designated a major disaster area; authorizing the sale of state bonds; appropriating money.

The bill was read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Finance