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Session Law Chapters By Year

Bills passed by both houses are sent to the Revisor of Statutes office for engrossing and enrolling or simply engrossing. The Revisor's office enrolls each bill and gives it a chapter number in sequential order. The bill is then presented by the Revisor's office to the Governor. Once the governor has acted on a bill either favorably or unfavorably, or decides to neither sign nor veto a bill but to allow the bill to become law without his signature, the bill is transferred to the Secretary of State's office where it is officially filed as law.

2017 Special Session

2017 - 2018 Regular Session

2015 Special Session

2015 - 2016 Regular Session

2013 - 2014 Regular Session

2012 Special Session

2011 Special Session

2011 - 2012 Regular Session

2010 Second Special Session

2010 First Special Session

2009 - 2010 Regular Session

2007 - 2008 Regular Session

2007 Special Session

2005 - 2006 Regular Session

2005 Special Session

2003 - 2004 Regular Session

2003 Special Session

2002 Regular Session

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