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Chapters - 2020 Seventh Special Session

Bills passed by both houses are sent to the Revisor of Statutes office for engrossing or enrolling. The Revisor's office enrolls each bill and gives it a chapter number in sequential order. The bill is then presented by the Revisor's office to the governor. If the governor approves the bill, or it becomes law without their signature, the bill is transferred to the secretary of state's office where it is officially filed as law. If the governor vetoes a bill, it is returned to the house of origin with the governor's objections.

Bills are presented in sequential order by Chapter number. File with * indicates bill sent to the governor. Presented to governor entry is the official presentment date by the Revisor of Statutes. Vetoes and Line items vetoes are noted. Secretary of State entry is the date a bill transmitted from the Governor's office to the Secretary of State for filing.

This document can be made available in alternative formats upon request. Call 651-296-6646 [Voice]; the Minnesota State Relay Service at 800-627-3529 [TTY] for assistance.

Chapters in descending order.

Chapter: 1 Bill: *HF19 / SF27 Summary
Description: 2020 Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted, community behavioral health clinic reimbursement requirements modified, assisted living requirement changes made, previous appropriations modified, and money appropriated.
Presented to Governor: 12/15/2020
Governor approval: 12/16/2020
Chapter: 2 Bill: *SF31 / HF45 Summary
Description: COVID-19; economic relief provided for businesses adversely affected by the pandemic, business relief payments authorized, regulatory fee waivers provided, additional unemployment insurance benefits provided, movie theater and convention center grants provided, county relief grants provided, deadline application extended for free or reduced-price lunch for the fall 2020 count of eligible students, federal fund replacement provided, reports required, money transferred, and money appropriated.
Presented to Governor: 12/15/2020
Governor approval: