1.1.................... moves to amend S. F. No. 2415, the third engrossment, as amended, as
1.3Page 23, after line 17, insert:

1.4    "Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 135A.043, is amended to read:
1.6(a) A student, other than a nonimmigrant an alien within the meaning of United States
1.7Code, title 8, section 1101, subsection (a), paragraph (15) (3), who does not have a legal
1.8right or authorization under federal law to work in the United States as described in United
1.9States Code, title 8, section 1324a, subsection (h), paragraph (3), shall qualify for a resident
1.10tuition rate or its equivalent at state universities and colleges if the student meets all of the
1.11following requirements:
1.12(1) high school attendance within the state for three or more years; and
1.13(2) graduation from a state high school or attainment within the state of the equivalent
1.14of high school graduation; and.
1.15(3) in the case of a student without lawful immigration status: (i) documentation that
1.16the student has complied with selective service registration requirements; and (ii) if a federal
1.17process exists for the student to obtain lawful immigration status, the student must present
1.18the higher education institution with documentation from federal immigration authorities
1.19that the student has filed an application to obtain lawful immigration status.
1.20(b) This section is in addition to any other statute, rule, or higher education institution
1.21regulation or policy providing eligibility for a resident tuition rate or its equivalent to a
1.23(c) The Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota is requested to adopt a policy
1.24implementing this section."
2.1Page 26, after line 11, insert:

2.2    "Sec. 5. Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 136A.101, subdivision 8, is amended to read:
2.3    Subd. 8. Resident student. "Resident student" means a student, other than an alien
2.4within the meaning of United States Code, title 8, section 1101, subsection (a), paragraph
2.5(3), who does not have a legal right or authorization under federal law to work in the United
2.6States as described in United States Code, title 8, section 1324a, subsection (h), paragraph
2.7(3), who meets one of the following conditions:
2.8    (1) a student who has resided in Minnesota for purposes other than postsecondary
2.9education for at least 12 months without being enrolled at a postsecondary educational
2.10institution for more than five credits in any term;
2.11    (2) a dependent student whose parent or legal guardian resides in Minnesota at the time
2.12the student applies;
2.13    (3) a student who graduated from a Minnesota high school, if the student was a resident
2.14of Minnesota during the student's period of attendance at the Minnesota high school and
2.15the student is physically attending a Minnesota postsecondary educational institution;
2.16    (4) a student who, after residing in the state for a minimum of one year, earned a high
2.17school equivalency certificate in Minnesota;
2.18    (5) a member, spouse, or dependent of a member of the armed forces of the United States
2.19stationed in Minnesota on active federal military service as defined in section 190.05,
2.20subdivision 5c;
2.21    (6) a spouse or dependent of a veteran, as defined in section 197.447, if the veteran is a
2.22Minnesota resident;
2.23    (7) a person or spouse of a person who relocated to Minnesota from an area that is
2.24declared a presidential disaster area within the preceding 12 months if the disaster interrupted
2.25the person's postsecondary education;
2.26    (8) a person defined as a refugee under United States Code, title 8, section 1101(a)(42),
2.27who, upon arrival in the United States, moved to Minnesota and has continued to reside in
2.29    (9) a student eligible for resident tuition under section 135A.043; or
2.30    (10) an active member, or a spouse or dependent of that member, of the state's National
2.31Guard who resides in Minnesota or an active member, or a spouse or dependent of that
3.1member, of the reserve component of the United States armed forces whose duty station is
3.2located in Minnesota and who resides in Minnesota."
3.3Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
3.4Amend the title accordingly