1.1.................... moves to amend S. F. No. 970, the third engrossment, as amended, as
1.3Page 310, after line 29, insert:

1.4    "Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, is amended by adding a subdivision
1.5to read:
1.6    Subd. 1c. No permit required. (a) The legislature of the state of Minnesota recognizes
1.7and declares that the second amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the
1.8fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms.
1.9(b) A person who is not prohibited from possessing a firearm by any law of this state or
1.10any federal law shall have the right to carry, hold, or possess a firearm in a motor vehicle,
1.11snowmobile, or boat, or on or about the person's clothes or the person, or otherwise in
1.12possession or control in a public place.
1.13(c) For the purposes of this section, "public place" means property owned, leased, or
1.14controlled by a governmental unit and private property that is regularly and frequently open
1.15to or made available for use by the public in sufficient numbers to give clear notice of the
1.16property's current dedication to public use but does not include: a person's dwelling house
1.17or premises, the place of business owned or managed by the person, or land possessed by
1.18the person; a gun show, gun shop, or hunting or target shooting facility; or the woods, fields,
1.19or waters of this state where the person is present lawfully for the purpose of hunting or
1.20target shooting or other lawful activity involving firearms.

1.21    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, is amended by adding a subdivision
1.22to read:
1.23    Subd. 1d. Optional carry permit. A person may apply for an optional permit to carry
1.24a pistol as provided in this section.

2.1    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
2.2    Subd. 2. Where application made; authority to issue permit; criteria; scope. (a)
2.3Applications by Minnesota residents for optional permits to carry shall be made to the county
2.4sheriff where the applicant resides. Nonresidents, as defined in section 171.01, subdivision
, may apply to any sheriff.
2.6(b) Unless a sheriff denies a permit under the exception set forth in subdivision 6,
2.7paragraph (a), clause (3), a sheriff must issue a permit to an applicant if the person:
2.8(1) has training in the safe use of a pistol;
2.9(2) is at least 21 years old and a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States;
2.10(3) completes an application for a permit;
2.11(4) is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under the following sections:
2.12(i) 518B.01, subdivision 14;
2.13(ii) 609.224, subdivision 3;
2.14(iii) 609.2242, subdivision 3;
2.15(iv) 609.749, subdivision 8;
2.16(v) 624.713;
2.17(vi) 624.719;
2.18(vii) 629.715, subdivision 2;
2.19(viii) 629.72, subdivision 2; or
2.20(ix) any federal law; and
2.21(5) is not listed in the criminal gang investigative data system under section 299C.091.
2.22(c) A permit to carry a pistol issued or recognized under this section is a state permit
2.23and is effective throughout the state.
2.24(d) A sheriff may contract with a police chief to process permit applications under this
2.25section. If a sheriff contracts with a police chief, the sheriff remains the issuing authority
2.26and the police chief acts as the sheriff's agent. If a sheriff contracts with a police chief, all
2.27of the provisions of this section will apply.

3.1    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
3.2    Subd. 3. Form and contents of application. (a) Applications for optional permits to
3.3carry must be an official, standardized application form, adopted under section 624.7151,
3.4and must set forth in writing only the following information:
3.5(1) the applicant's name, residence, telephone number, if any, and driver's license number
3.6or state identification card number;
3.7(2) the applicant's sex, date of birth, height, weight, and color of eyes and hair, and
3.8distinguishing physical characteristics, if any;
3.9(3) the township or statutory city or home rule charter city, and county, of all Minnesota
3.10residences of the applicant in the last five years, though not including specific addresses;
3.11(4) the township or city, county, and state of all non-Minnesota residences of the applicant
3.12in the last five years, though not including specific addresses;
3.13(5) a statement that the applicant authorizes the release to the sheriff of commitment
3.14information about the applicant maintained by the commissioner of human services or any
3.15similar agency or department of another state where the applicant has resided, to the extent
3.16that the information relates to the applicant's eligibility to possess a firearm; and
3.17(6) a statement by the applicant that, to the best of the applicant's knowledge and belief,
3.18the applicant is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm.
3.19(b) The statement under paragraph (a), clause (5), must comply with any applicable
3.20requirements of Code of Federal Regulations, title 42, sections 2.31 to 2.35, with respect
3.21to consent to disclosure of alcohol or drug abuse patient records.
3.22(c) An applicant must submit to the sheriff an application packet consisting only of the
3.23following items:
3.24(1) a completed application form, signed and dated by the applicant;
3.25(2) an accurate photocopy of the certificate described in subdivision 2a, paragraph (c),
3.26that is submitted as the applicant's evidence of training in the safe use of a pistol; and
3.27(3) an accurate photocopy of the applicant's current driver's license, state identification
3.28card, or the photo page of the applicant's passport.
3.29(d) In addition to the other application materials, a person who is otherwise ineligible
3.30for a permit due to a criminal conviction but who has obtained a pardon or expungement
3.31setting aside the conviction, sealing the conviction, or otherwise restoring applicable rights,
3.32must submit a copy of the relevant order.
4.1(e) Applications must be submitted in person.
4.2(f) The sheriff may charge a new application processing fee in an amount not to exceed
4.3the actual and reasonable direct cost of processing the application or $100, whichever is
4.4less. Of this amount, $10 must be submitted to the commissioner and deposited into the
4.5general fund.
4.6(g) This subdivision prescribes the complete and exclusive set of items an applicant is
4.7required to submit in order to apply for a new or renewal permit to carry. The applicant
4.8must not be asked or required to submit, voluntarily or involuntarily, any information, fees,
4.9or documentation beyond that specifically required by this subdivision. This paragraph does
4.10not apply to alternate training evidence accepted by the sheriff under subdivision 2a,
4.11paragraph (d).
4.12(h) Forms for new and renewal applications must be available at all sheriffs' offices and
4.13the commissioner must make the forms available on the Internet.
4.14(i) Application forms must clearly display a notice that a permit, if granted, is void and
4.15must be immediately returned to the sheriff if the permit holder is or becomes prohibited
4.16by law from possessing a firearm. The notice must list the applicable state criminal offenses
4.17and civil categories that prohibit a person from possessing a firearm.
4.18(j) Upon receipt of an application packet and any required fee, the sheriff must provide
4.19a signed receipt indicating the date of submission.

4.20    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, subdivision 7, is amended to read:
4.21    Subd. 7. Permit card contents; expiration; renewal. (a) Optional permits to carry must
4.22be on an official, standardized permit card adopted by the commissioner, containing only
4.23the name, residence, and driver's license number or state identification card number of the
4.24permit holder, if any.
4.25(b) The permit card must also identify the issuing sheriff and state the expiration date
4.26of the permit. The permit card must clearly display a notice that a permit, if granted, is void
4.27and must be immediately returned to the sheriff if the permit holder becomes prohibited by
4.28law from possessing a firearm.
4.29(c) A permit to carry a pistol issued under this section expires five years after the date
4.30of issue. It may be renewed in the same manner and under the same criteria which the
4.31original permit was obtained, subject to the following procedures:
5.1(1) no earlier than 90 days prior to the expiration date on the permit, the permit holder
5.2may renew the permit by submitting to the appropriate sheriff the application packet described
5.3in subdivision 3 and a renewal processing fee not to exceed the actual and reasonable direct
5.4cost of processing the application or $75, whichever is less. Of this amount, $5 must be
5.5submitted to the commissioner and deposited into the general fund. The sheriff must process
5.6the renewal application in accordance with subdivisions 4 and 6; and
5.7(2) a permit holder who submits a renewal application packet after the expiration date
5.8of the permit, but within 30 days after expiration, may renew the permit as provided in
5.9clause (1) by paying an additional late fee of $10.
5.10(d) The renewal permit is effective beginning on the expiration date of the prior permit
5.11to carry.

5.12    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, subdivision 15, is amended to read:
5.13    Subd. 15. Commissioner; contracts; database. (a) The commissioner must maintain
5.14an automated database of persons authorized to carry pistols issued an optional permit to
5.15carry a pistol under this section that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, only to
5.16law enforcement agencies, including prosecutors carrying out their duties under subdivision
5.178a, to verify the validity of a permit.
5.18(b) The commissioner may maintain a separate automated database of denied applications
5.19for optional permits to carry and of revoked permits that is available only to sheriffs
5.20performing their duties under this section containing the date of, the statutory basis for, and
5.21the initiating agency for any permit application denied or permit revoked for a period of six
5.22years from the date of the denial or revocation.
5.23(c) The commissioner may contract with one or more vendors to implement the
5.24commissioner's duties under this section.

5.25    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, subdivision 20, is amended to read:
5.26    Subd. 20. Monitoring. (a) By March 1, 2004, and each year thereafter, the commissioner
5.27must report to the legislature on:
5.28(1) the number of optional permits applied for, issued, suspended, revoked, and denied,
5.29further categorized by the age, sex, and zip code of the applicant or permit holder, since the
5.30previous submission, and in total;
5.31(2) the number of optional permits currently valid;
6.1(3) the specific reasons for each suspension, revocation, and denial and the number of
6.2reversed, canceled, or corrected actions;
6.3(4) without expressly identifying an applicant, the number of denials or revocations
6.4based on the grounds under subdivision 6, paragraph (a), clause (3), the factual basis for
6.5each denial or revocation, and the result of an appeal, if any, including the court's findings
6.6of fact, conclusions of law, and order;
6.7(5) the number of convictions and types of crimes committed since the previous
6.8submission, and in total, by individuals with permits legally carrying pistols as provided by
6.9this section including data as to whether a firearm lawfully carried solely by virtue of a
6.10permit this section was actually used in furtherance of the crime;
6.11(6) to the extent known or determinable, data on the lawful and justifiable use of firearms
6.12by permit holders individuals legally carrying pistols as provided by this section; and
6.13(7) the status of the segregated funds reported to the commissioner under subdivision
6.15(b) Sheriffs and police chiefs must supply the Department of Public Safety with the basic
6.16data the department requires to complete the report under paragraph (a). Sheriffs and police
6.17chiefs may submit data classified as private to the Department of Public Safety under this
6.19(c) Copies of the report under paragraph (a) must be made available to the public at the
6.20actual cost of duplication.
6.21(d) Nothing contained in any provision of this section or any other law requires or
6.22authorizes the registration, documentation, collection, or providing of serial numbers or
6.23other data on firearms or on firearms' owners.

6.24    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 624.714, subdivision 23, is amended to read:
6.25    Subd. 23. Exclusivity. This section sets forth the complete and exclusive criteria and
6.26procedures for the issuance of optional permits to carry and establishes their nature and
6.27scope. No sheriff, police chief, governmental unit, government official, government
6.28employee, or other person or body acting under color of law or governmental authority may
6.29change, modify, or supplement these criteria or procedures, or limit the exercise of a permit
6.30the right to carry a firearm."
6.31Page 323, after line 12, insert:

7.1    "Sec. .... REPEALER.
7.2Minnesota Statutes 2020, sections 624.714, subdivisions 1a, 1b, and 16; and 624.7181,
7.3are repealed."
7.4Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
7.5Amend the title accordingly