1.1.................... moves to amend H.R. No. 1, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 1, delete lines 5 to 23 and insert:
1.3"WHEREAS, we, the members of the Minnesota House of Representatives, unequivocally
1.4condemn the violence that happened at the United States Capitol in Washington DC on
1.5January 6. We urge a thorough investigation and that the perpetrators be arrested, tried, and
1.6punished under all applicable laws; and
1.7WHEREAS, we also condemn the violent incursion into the Congressional chambers
1.8to prevent the certification of the electoral college and the presidential election; and
1.9WHEREAS, we resolve to unify the divisiveness across the state and country; and
1.10WHEREAS, we resolve to heal the political divide within the state of Minnesota and
1.11work towards a brighter and better future for all Minnesotans of all backgrounds, races, and
1.12countries of origin; and
1.13WHEREAS, we denounce all discrimination and recognize that the path to a better
1.14Minnesota is founded in tolerance of not only the physical appearance of others but the
1.15differing of opinions and approaches on fixing challenging problems ahead of us; and
1.16WHEREAS, we condemn the burning down of private businesses in May of 2020 in
1.17Minneapolis that had a disparate impact on minority-owned small business owners struggling
1.18to survive Governor Walz's economic lockdown; and
1.19WHEREAS, we condemn the violent rhetoric in front of a police officer's home in Hugo,
1.20Minnesota last summer and the beating of an effigy of a police officer's wife in front of
1.21children; and
1.22WHEREAS, our election laws were subverted by the action of the courts in direct
1.23contradiction of our constitution and our statutes, and we resolve to ensure election security
1.24and integrity so that our laws are respected and citizens' rights upheld; and
2.1WHEREAS, in our struggle for independence, the ordinary citizen's ability to speak
2.2freely to air grievances against the current Government was the impetus for support among
2.3the people; and
2.4WHEREAS, we regard as dark and mistaken times in our Republic, the many occasions
2.5the courts have jailed members of the media for speech unflattering to the Government and
2.6imprisoned citizens due to race or creed without trial; NOW, THEREFORE,
2.7BE IT RESOLVED that the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota condemns
2.8any action that interferes with anyone's ability to speak against their Government and
2.9condemns any attempt to use violence as a political weapon."
2.10Page 2, delete lines 1 to 16