1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 600, the eighth engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 10, delete subdivision 2 and insert:
1.3    "Subd. 2. Membership. (a) The Cannabis Management Board is composed of the
1.4following members:
1.5(1) one member appointed by the speaker of the house;
1.6(2) one member appointed by the leader of the largest minority caucus in the house of
1.8(3) one member appointed by the senate Subcommittee on Committees of the Committee
1.9on Rules and Administration;
1.10(4) one member appointed by the leader of the largest minority caucus in the senate; and
1.11(5) one member appointed by the governor.
1.12(b) In making appointments under paragraph (a), the appointing authority shall prioritize
1.13appointees that have experience in one or more of the following areas:
1.14(1) oversight of production agriculture;
1.15(2) corporate management, finance, or securities;
1.16(3) public health, including mental health and substance use disorders;
1.17(4) oversight of industry management, including commodities, production, or distribution
1.18in a regulated industry;
1.19(5) administering and enforcing statutes and rules governing business operations;
1.20(6) establishing and developing new economic opportunity programs;
1.21(7) promoting social equity; and
2.1(8) promoting economic and social renewal in communities that experienced long-term
2.2poverty; a disproportionate, negative impact from cannabis prohibition; or both.
2.3(c) The members of the board shall elect one member to serve as chair.
2.4(d) While serving on the board and within two years after terminating service, board
2.5members may not:
2.6(1) have a direct or indirect financial interest in a cannabis business licensed under this
2.7chapter; or
2.8(2) serve as a lobbyist, as defined under section 10A.01, subdivision 21."
2.9Page 11, line 31, delete "three" and insert "two"
2.10Page 12, line 1, delete "three" and insert "two"
2.11Page 12, line 2, delete "three members" and insert "one member" and after "serve" insert
2.12"a" and delete "terms" and insert "term"
2.13Page 12, line 3, delete "governor" and insert "appointing authority"
2.14Page 12, line 5, delete "governor" and insert "appointing authority"
2.15Page 13, line 17, delete "Four" and insert "Three"
2.16Page 13, line 18, delete "four" and insert "three"
2.17Page 15, delete subdivision 1 and insert:
2.18    "Subdivision 1. Membership. (a) The Cannabis Advisory Council is created consisting
2.19of the following members:
2.20(1) the executive director of the Cannabis Management Board; and
2.21(2) four public members, appointed by the board.
2.22(b) While serving on the Cannabis Advisory Council and within two years after
2.23terminating service, council members may not serve as a lobbyist, as defined under section
2.2410A.01, subdivision 21."
2.25Page 16, line 16 delete "governor" and insert "board"
2.26Page 18, delete lines 24 to 27
2.27Renumber the items in sequence
2.28Page 28, delete line 24
2.29Renumber the clauses in sequence
3.1Page 29, delete section 14 and insert:

3.3The board shall issue the necessary number of licenses in order to assure sufficient
3.4supply of cannabis and cannabis products to meet demand, provide market stability, and
3.5limit the sale of unregulated cannabis."
3.6Page 55, delete subdivision 1
3.7Renumber the subdivisions in sequence
3.8Page 95, delete section 55
3.9Page 96, delete section 56
3.10Page 107, delete lines 9 to 11, 17, 20, and 22
3.11Renumber the clauses in sequence
3.12Page 107, line 27, after "(17)" insert "$4,000,000 in fiscal year 2023," and after "2024"
3.13insert a comma and delete "are"
3.14Page 116, delete article 4
3.15Page 192, line 25, delete "$8,882,000" and insert "$4,441,000"
3.16Page 192, line 26, delete "$9,369,000" and insert "$4,685,000"
3.17Page 192, line 27, delete "$22,274,000" and insert "$11,137,000"
3.18Page 192, line 28, delete "$30,672,000" and insert "$15,336,000"
3.19Page 193, delete lines 1 to 3
3.20Page 193, line 4, delete "(d)" and insert "(c)"
3.21Page 193, delete subdivision 7
3.22Page 195, delete subdivisions 10 and 12
3.23Renumber the subdivisions in sequence
3.24Page 196, line 24, delete "$4,394,000" and insert "$2,197,000" and delete "$4,094,000"
3.25and insert "$2,047,000"
3.26Page 196, line 26, delete "$4,114,000" and insert "$2,057,000"
3.27Page 196, line 27, delete "$4,009,000" and insert "$2,005,000"
3.28Page 197, line 2, delete "$0" and insert "$4,000,000"
4.1Page 197, line 3, delete "$9,000,000" and insert "$12,000,000"
4.2Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.3Amend the title accordingly