1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 270, the delete everything amendment
1.2(A13-0703), as follows:
1.3Page 2, line 28, delete "25,000,000" and insert "35,000,000"
1.4Page 4, delete subdivision 3 and insert:
"Subd. 3.Alexandria Technical and
Community College
1.7From the general fund for equipment
1.8maintenance and acquisition for
1.9manufacturing programs at Alexandria
1.10Technical and Community College, including
1.11the machine tool and welding programs,
1.12and any other appropriate programs as
1.13determined by the college."
1.14Page 5, line 3, delete "33,800,000" and insert "32,516,000"
1.15Page 6, delete subdivision 11
1.16Page 10, delete section 5 and insert:

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
1.19To the commissioner of administration for
1.20the purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.New Residence Hall
1.22To predesign and design a new residence
1.23hall on the Minnesota State Academy for the
1.24Deaf campus, including approximately 60
1.25parking spaces.
Subd. 3.Kitchen Upgrades
2.2From the general fund to complete upgrades
2.3to the academies kitchen facilities. This
2.4appropriation is available until June 30,
2.6Page 10, line 18, delete "1,720,000" and insert "1,580,000"
2.7Page 10, line 29, delete "25,000,000" and insert "20,000,000"
2.8Page 14, line 20, delete "11,000,000" and insert "8,000,000"
2.9Page 16, line 13, delete "13,300,000" and insert "12,000,000"
2.10Page 17, after line 15, insert:

2.12From the general fund to the commissioner
2.13of agriculture for grants to county and district
2.14agricultural societies and associations for
2.15acquisition of real property, construction of
2.16buildings, repairs, and asset preservation.
2.17This appropriation for distribution under
2.18Minnesota Statutes, section 38.02, is for the
2.19purposes of improving facilities for county
2.20fair exhibits and operations, including, but
2.21not limited to, agricultural education centers,
2.22art and cultural buildings, and performance
2.24Page 17, line 17, delete "5,250,000" and insert "4,250,000"
2.25Page 18, line 31, delete everything after the period
2.26Page 18, delete lines 32 to 34
2.27Page 19, delete lines 1 and 2 and insert:
2.28"The commissioner of administration must
2.29not construct or place any permanent
2.30building, structure, or facility for offices,
2.31parking, storage, or other use in the area
2.32commonly known as Leif Erickson Park in
2.33the Capitol complex."
2.34Page 19, after line 11, insert:
"Subd. 4.Tenant Approval
3.2(a) The commissioner of administration must
3.3not prepare final plans and specifications
3.4for any construction authorized under
3.5subdivision 2, until the program plan and
3.6cost estimates for all elements necessary to
3.7complete the project have been approved by
3.8each tenant representative. In addition, the
3.9appropriations in subdivisions 2 and 3 are
3.10not available until each tenant representative
3.11approves a relocation plan submitted by
3.12the commissioner of administration. The
3.13relocation plan shall:
3.14(1) describe when each person who currently
3.15occupies office space located in the Capitol
3.16building will be moved out of the Capitol
3.18(2) identify the building and office space
3.19assigned to each person relocated during
3.20renovation of the Capitol building;
3.21(3) identify the parking spaces that will be
3.22assigned to each person relocated during
3.23renovation, including the funding mechanism
3.24for any new parking spaces;
3.25(4) state when each person relocated
3.26during renovation will be moved back into
3.27permanent office space and where the office
3.28space will be located; and
3.29(5) include written, signed tenant agreements
3.30for tenancy in the Capitol building after
3.32For the purposes of this paragraph, "each
3.33tenant representative" means the secretary
4.1of the senate, on behalf of the senate; the
4.2chief clerk of the house of representatives,
4.3on behalf of the house of representatives;
4.4the governor; the court administrator, on
4.5behalf of the judicial branch; and the attorney
4.6general, on behalf of the attorney general's
4.8(b) The commissioner of administration
4.9must not install new windows in the Capitol
4.10building that cannot be opened by the tenants
4.11of the building.
4.12(c) The commissioner of administration shall
4.13consult and collaborate with the director
4.14of the Historical Society on plans and
4.15specifications for construction authorized
4.16under subdivision 2.
Subd. 5.Legislative Office Building
4.18From the general fund, for predesign and
4.19design of office, hearing room, and parking
4.20facilities for legislative and other functions,
4.21located on the block bounded by Sherburne
4.22Avenue on the north, Park Street on the
4.23west, University Avenue on the south, and
4.24North Capitol Boulevard on the east. The
4.25legislative office facility must provide office
4.26accommodations for all senators and senate
4.27staff who do not have offices in the Capitol
4.28building, and on-site parking facilities
4.29for all members and staff, and disabled
4.30visitors to senate offices. This is a onetime
4.31appropriation. If an appropriation for this
4.32purpose is enacted more than once in the
4.332013 regular session, it shall be implemented
4.34only once."
4.35Page 19, line 15, delete "680" and insert "880"
5.1Page 21, after line 19, insert:
"Subd. 2.Mighty Ducks Grants; Air Handling
5.4From the general fund for grants to local
5.5government units under Minnesota Statutes,
5.6section 240A.09, paragraph (g) or (k),
5.7to install, renovate, or replace heating,
5.8ventilating, and air conditioning systems
5.9in existing indoor ice arenas whose ice
5.10resurfacing and ice edging equipment are not
5.11powered by electricity in order to improve
5.12indoor air quality by reducing concentrations
5.13of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.
5.14The new or renovated heating, ventilating,
5.15and air conditioning systems may include
5.16continuous electronic air monitoring devices
5.17to automatically activate the ventilation
5.18systems when the concentration of carbon
5.19monoxide or nitrogen dioxide reaches a
5.20predetermined level."
5.21Page 24, line 27, delete "15,000,000" and insert "10,000,000"
5.22Page 26, line 11, delete "50,000,000" and insert "45,000,000"
5.23Page 29, line 22, delete "36,317,000" and insert "41,317,000"
5.24Page 31, delete subdivision 2 and insert:
"Subd. 2.Asset Preservation
5.26For asset preservation improvements and
5.27betterments of a capital nature at the veterans
5.28homes in Fergus Falls, Hastings, Luverne,
5.29and Silver Bay, and the Little Falls veterans
5.30cemetery, to be spent in accordance with
5.31Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.307."
5.32Page 32, line 31, delete "3,000,000" and insert "2,000,000"
5.33Page 33, after line 16, insert:
"Subd. 4.Minnesota Correctional Facility -
St. Cloud
6.1To design, construct, furnish, and equip a
6.2new health services unit and intake unit, to
6.3repurpose existing spaces, including laundry,
6.4state property storage and distribution,
6.5and food service dry goods storage; to
6.6extend and modify the existing internal
6.7corridor to connect the new and repurposed
6.8spaces; to construct a new security control
6.9station to manage offender movement
6.10through the corridor system; and to provide
6.11required upgrades to the existing facility
6.12infrastructure, including mechanical,
6.13electrical, and security systems."
6.14Page 35, after line 23, insert:
"Subd. 4.Eveleth Watermain Improvement
6.16From the general fund for a grant to the
6.17city of Eveleth to design and construct
6.18a watermain for the St. Mary's Lake
6.19Development project."
6.20Page 38, line 4, delete "1,950,000" and insert "1,050,000"
6.21Page 38, line 5, before "For" insert "From the general fund"
6.22Page 38, line 9, delete "35,000,000" and insert "30,000,000"
6.23Page 44, line 16, delete "$792,640,000" and insert "$791,825,000"
6.24Page 54, after line 27, insert:

6.25    "Sec. 41. Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 240A.09, is amended to read:
6.27    The Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission shall develop a plan to promote the
6.28development of proposals for new statewide public ice facilities including proposals for
6.29ice centers and matching grants based on the criteria in this section.
6.30    (a) For ice center proposals, the commission will give priority to proposals that
6.31come from more than one local government unit. Institutions of higher education are not
6.32eligible to receive a grant.
6.33    (b) In the metropolitan area as defined in section 473.121, subdivision 2, the
6.34commission is encouraged to give priority to the following proposals:
7.1    (1) proposals for renovation and indoor air quality improvements at an existing
7.2indoor ice arena;
7.3    (1) (2) proposals for construction of two or more ice sheets in a single new facility;
7.4    (2) (3) proposals for construction of an additional sheet of ice at an existing ice center;
7.5    (3) (4) proposals for construction of a new, single sheet of ice as part of a sports
7.6complex with multiple sports facilities; and
7.7    (4) (5) proposals for construction of a new, single sheet of ice that will be expanded
7.8to a two-sheet facility in the future.
7.9    (c) The commission shall administer a site selection process for the ice centers. The
7.10commission shall invite proposals from cities or counties or consortia of cities. A proposal
7.11for an ice center must include matching contributions including in-kind contributions of
7.12land, access roadways and access roadway improvements, and necessary utility services,
7.13landscaping, and parking.
7.14    (d) Proposals for ice centers and matching grants must provide for meeting the
7.15demand for ice time for female groups by offering up to 50 percent of prime ice time, as
7.16needed, to female groups. For purposes of this section, prime ice time means the hours
7.17of 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturdays
7.18and Sundays.
7.19    (e) The location for all proposed facilities must be in areas of maximum
7.20demonstrated interest and must maximize accessibility to an arterial highway.
7.21    (f) To the extent possible, all proposed facilities must be dispersed equitably, must
7.22be located to maximize potential for full utilization and profitable operation, and must
7.23accommodate noncompetitive family and community skating for all ages.
7.24    (g) The commission may also use the money to upgrade current facilities, purchase
7.25girls' ice time, or conduct amateur women's hockey and other ice sport tournaments.
7.26    (h) To the extent possible, 50 percent of all grants must be awarded to communities
7.27in greater Minnesota.
7.28    (i) To the extent possible, technical assistance shall be provided to Minnesota
7.29communities by the commission on ice arena planning, design, redesign, installation,
7.30renovation of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, and operation, including
7.31the marketing of ice time.
7.32    (j) A grant for new facilities may not exceed $250,000.
7.33    (k) The commission may make grants for rehabilitation and renovation. A
7.34rehabilitation or renovation grant may not exceed $100,000 $200,000. Priority must be
7.35given to grant applications for indoor air quality improvements, including zero emission
8.1ice resurfacing equipment and the upgrading of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
8.2systems which may include electronic indoor air monitoring devices.
8.3    (l) Grant money may be used for ice centers designed for sports other than hockey.
8.4    (m) Grant money may be used to upgrade existing facilities to comply with the
8.5bleacher safety requirements of section 326B.112."
8.6Page 69, after line 13, insert:

8.7    "Sec. .... Laws 2010, chapter 215, article 3, section 3, subdivision 6, as amended by
8.8Laws 2010, First Special Session chapter 1, article 6, section 6, is amended to read:
Subd. 6.Transfers In
8.10(a) The amounts appropriated from the
8.11agency indirect costs account in the special
8.12revenue fund are reduced by $328,000 in
8.13fiscal year 2010 and $462,000 in fiscal year
8.142011, and those amounts must be transferred
8.15to the general fund by June 30, 2011. The
8.16appropriation reductions are onetime.
8.17(b) The commissioner of management and
8.18budget shall transfer $48,000,000 in fiscal
8.19year 2011 from the closed landfill investment
8.20fund in Minnesota Statutes, section 115B.421,
8.21to the general fund. The commissioner shall
8.22transfer $12,000,000 $2,000,000on July 1
8.23in each of the years 2014, 2015, 2016, and
8.242017 $15,000,000 in each of the years 2015
8.25and 2016, and $16,000,000 in 2017 from the
8.26general fund to the closed landfill investment
8.27fund. For each transfer to the closed landfill
8.28investment fund, the commissioner shall
8.29determine the total amount of interest and
8.30other earnings that would have accrued to
8.31the fund if the transfers to the general fund
8.32under this paragraph had not been made and
8.33add this amount to the transfer. The amounts
8.34necessary for these transfers are appropriated
9.1from the general fund in the fiscal years
9.2specified for the transfers."
9.3Renumber the subdivisions and sections in sequence and correct the internal
9.5Amend the title accordingly
9.6Adjust amounts accordingly