1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1070 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.4The sums shown in the column under "Appropriations" are appropriated from the
1.5bond proceeds fund, or another named fund, to the state agencies or officials indicated,
1.6to be spent for public purposes. Appropriations of bond proceeds must be spent as
1.7authorized by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5, paragraph (a), to acquire
1.8and better public land and buildings and other public improvements of a capital nature or
1.9as authorized by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5, paragraphs (b) to (j),
1.10or article XIV. Unless otherwise specified, money appropriated in this act for a capital
1.11program or project may be used to pay state agency staff costs that are attributed directly
1.12to the capital program or project in accordance with accounting policies adopted by the
1.13commissioner of management and budget. Unless otherwise specified, the appropriations
1.14in this act are available until the project is completed or abandoned subject to Minnesota
1.15Statutes, section 16A.642.
Natural Resources
Veterans Affairs
Public Facilities Authority
Bond Sale Expenses
Cancellations; Reductions
Bond Proceeds Fund (General Fund Debt Service)
Bond Proceeds Fund (User Financed Debt Service)
Bond Proceeds Cancellations

2.2To the commissioner of natural resources for
2.3the purposes specified in this section.
2.4(a) For the state share of flood hazard
2.5mitigation grants for publicly owned capital
2.6improvements to prevent or alleviate flood
2.7damage under Minnesota Statutes, section
2.9(b) Levee projects, to the extent practical,
2.10shall meet the state standard of three feet
2.11above the 100-year flood elevation.
2.12(c) Project priorities shall be determined by
2.13the commissioner as appropriate and based
2.14on need, and to the extent possible, address
2.15needs in the Moorhead area first.
2.16(d) This appropriation includes money
2.17for the following county, township, and
2.18municipal projects as prioritized by the
2.19commissioner: Ada, Afton, Alvarado,
2.20Argyle, Austin, Borup, Breckenridge,
2.21Browntown, Climax, Crookston, Delano,
2.22Granite Falls, Inver Grove Heights, Maynard,
2.23Melrose, Minneota, Minnesota River Area II,
2.24Montevideo, Moorhead, Newport, Nielsville,
2.25Oakport Township, Oslo, Roseau, Rushford,
2.26St. Vincent, and Shelly.
2.27(e) This appropriation includes money for
2.28the following watershed projects: North
2.29Ottawa, Bois de Sioux Watershed District;
2.30Quick, Two Rivers Watershed District;
2.31Redpath, Bois de Sioux Watershed District;
2.32Roseau Wildlife Management Area, Roseau
2.33River Watershed District; and Shell Rock
2.34Watershed District.
3.1(f) For any project listed in this subdivision
3.2that the commissioner determines is not
3.3ready to proceed or does not expend all the
3.4money allocated to it, the commissioner may
3.5allocate that project's money to a project on
3.6the commissioner's priority list.
3.7(g) To the extent that the cost of a project
3.8exceeds two percent of the median household
3.9income in a municipality or township
3.10multiplied by the number of households in the
3.11municipality or township, this appropriation
3.12is also for the local share of the project.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
3.15To the commissioner of administration for
3.16the purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Capitol Renovation and Restoration
3.18This appropriation may be used for one or
3.19more of the following purposes:
3.20(1) to complete the design of, and to
3.21construct, repair, improve, renovate, restore,
3.22furnish, and equip the State Capitol building
3.23and grounds; including but not limited
3.24to exterior stone repairs and window
3.25replacement; asbestos and hazardous
3.26materials abatement; mechanical, electrical,
3.27plumbing, and security systems replacement;
3.28general construction, including but not
3.29limited to demolition, site improvements, life
3.30safety improvements, accessibility, security
3.31and telecommunications; roof replacement;
3.32and finish work; and
4.1(2) to predesign, design, conduct hazardous
4.2materials abatement, construct, repair,
4.3renovate, remodel, furnish, and equip
4.4the State Office Building, Administration
4.5Building, Centennial Office Building, 321
4.6Grove Street Building, and other buildings
4.7and parking facilities located on the Capitol
4.8campus as determined by the commissioner
4.9of administration to meet temporary and
4.10permanent office, storage, parking, and other
4.11space needs occasioned by and in furtherance
4.12of an efficient restoration of the State Capitol
4.13Building and for the efficient and effective
4.14function of the tenants currently located in
4.15the Capitol Building.
4.16In addition to any other approvals required,
4.17the commissioner of administration must
4.18submit the schematic design, design
4.19development, and work packages to the
4.20Capitol Preservation Commission, and may
4.21not proceed with a work package until the
4.22commission approves that work package.
4.23The commissioner must incorporate life
4.24safety (Tier 1), water management (Tier 2),
4.25and selective restoration of architectural
4.26features (Tier 3), as described in the
4.27Minnesota State Capitol Exterior Stone
4.28Repair Project report dated May 8, 2013,
4.29into repair work on the exterior stone
4.30of the Capitol that is funded under this
4.32The commissioner of administration must not
4.33construct or place any permanent building,
4.34structure, or facility for offices, parking,
4.35storage, or other use, in the area commonly
5.1known as Lief Erikson Park in the Capitol
Subd. 3.Tenant approval
5.4(a) The commissioner of administration must
5.5not prepare final plans and specifications
5.6for any construction authorized under
5.7subdivision 2 until the program plan and
5.8cost estimates for all elements necessary to
5.9complete the project have been approved
5.10by each tenant representative as to the
5.11space proposed for that tenant. The
5.12program plans and cost estimates must
5.13be presented to a tenant representative at
5.14least 30 days before the approval is needed
5.15from that representative. In addition, the
5.16appropriation in 2013 House File No. 677,
5.17article 12, section 22, if enacted, is not
5.18available for relocation of a tenant until that
5.19tenant representative approves a relocation
5.20plan submitted by the commissioner of
5.21administration for that tenant at least ten
5.22days before approval is needed from that
5.23representative. The relocation plan shall:
5.24(1) describe when each person who currently
5.25occupies office space located in the Capitol
5.26building will be moved out of the Capitol
5.28(2) identify the building and office space
5.29assigned to each person relocated during
5.30renovation of the Capitol building;
5.31(3) identify the parking spaces that will be
5.32assigned to each person relocated during
5.33renovation, including the funding mechanism
5.34for any new parking spaces;
6.1(4) state when each person relocated
6.2during renovation will be moved back into
6.3permanent office space and where the office
6.4space will be located; and
6.5(5) include a written, signed tenant agreement
6.6for tenancy in the Capitol building after
6.8For the purposes of this paragraph, "tenant
6.9representative" includes the secretary of the
6.10senate, on behalf of the senate; the chief clerk
6.11of the house of representatives, on behalf of
6.12the house of representatives; the governor;
6.13the court administrator, on behalf of the
6.14judicial branch; and the attorney general, on
6.15behalf of the attorney general's office.
6.16(b) The commissioner of administration
6.17must not install new windows in the Capitol
6.18building office spaces that cannot be opened
6.19by the tenants of the building, unless
6.20otherwise approved by a tenant occupying
6.21an office.
6.22(c) The commissioner of administration shall
6.23consult and collaborate with the director
6.24of the Historical Society on plans and
6.25specifications for construction authorized
6.26under subdivision 2.
Subd. 4.Legislative Office Building
6.28The plans and specifications for a new
6.29legislative office building as provided in
6.302013 H.F. No. 677, article 12, section 21, are
6.31subject to approval by the house Committee
6.32on Rules and Legislative Administration in
6.33addition to approval by the senate Committee
6.34on Rules and Administration.
Subd. 5.Parking Facilities
7.2To design, construct, furnish, and equip
7.3one or more parking facilities in the
7.4Capitol complex to accommodate up to
7.5approximately 880 parking stalls, with a net
7.6replacement of approximately 675 parking
7.7stalls, including to address temporary parking
7.8needed during construction of permanent
7.9parking facilities.
7.10Notwithstanding any other provision of
7.11law, any parking facility proposed to be
7.12located on state-owned land located on the
7.13block bordered by Sherburne Avenue on the
7.14north, Park Street on the east, University
7.15Avenue on the south, and Rice Street on
7.16the west, must not require demolition of
7.17the historic Ford Building unless approved
7.18by the house Committee on Rules and
7.19Legislative Administration and the senate
7.20Committee on Rules and Administration.
7.21The parking facilities must accommodate the
7.22needs of members and staff of the house of
7.23representatives as well as other tenants of the
7.24Capitol complex.
7.25The parking facilities developed with
7.26this appropriation are exempt from the
7.27requirements for design competition under
7.28Minnesota Statutes, section 15B.10.
7.29Notwithstanding any law to the contrary,
7.30under Minnesota Statutes, sections 16C.32
7.31and 16C.33, if the commissioner elects to
7.32utilize a design-build delivery method to
7.33design and construct one or more parking
7.34facilities with this appropriation, the Capital
8.1Area Architectural and Planning Board, in
8.2cooperation with the commissioner, shall
8.3create a selection committee to act as the
8.4board under Minnesota Statutes, sections
8.516C.32 and 16C.33. Notwithstanding
8.6Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.33, if the
8.7commissioner elects to contract with a
8.8primary designer to design one or more
8.9parking facilities with this appropriation,
8.10the Capital Area Architectural and Planning
8.11Board, in cooperation with the commissioner,
8.12shall create a selection committee to conduct
8.13the selection process in accordance with the
8.14standards in Minnesota Statutes, chapters
8.1515B and 16B. Notwithstanding Minnesota
8.16Statutes, section 16C.33, subdivision 5,
8.17paragraph (b), after obtaining and evaluating
8.18qualifications from each design-builder, in
8.19accordance with the weighted criteria and
8.20subequatorial and procedures set forth in
8.21the request for qualifications, the selection
8.22committee shall select a short list of up to
8.23five proposals.
8.24If the commissioner does not receive any
8.25proposals, the commissioner may either
8.26(1) solicit new proposals, (2) revise the
8.27request for qualifications and thereafter
8.28solicit new proposals using the revised
8.29request for qualifications, or (3) request
8.30selection of a primary designer pursuant to
8.31Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.33, 16C.08,
8.32or 16C.095, and proceed with competitive
8.33bidding pursuant to Minnesota Statutes,
8.34sections 16C.25 to 16C.29.
8.35The bond debt from the appropriation under
8.36this subdivision shall be user-financed.
9.1Parking fees collected shall be deposited into
9.2a state parking account and credited to the
9.3debt service account in the state bond fund as
9.4provided under Minnesota Statutes, section

9.7To the commissioner of administration to
9.8complete the design of, perform hazardous
9.9materials abatement for, and demolish the
9.10south wing of Building 17 and adjoining
9.11buildings, and design, reconstruct, and
9.12furnish the new south wing of Building 17
9.13and adjoining buildings as a new skilled
9.14nursing building, construct a new distribution
9.15and service tunnel to serve buildings 6, 17
9.16north, and 19, and the future 17 south, and
9.17design, construct, and equip a network and
9.18server room, including installation of new
9.19fiber optic lines.

9.21To the Public Facilities Authority to match
9.22federal grants for the clean water revolving
9.23fund under Minnesota Statutes, section
9.24446A.07, and the drinking water revolving
9.25fund under Minnesota Statutes, section
9.26446A.081. This appropriation must be used
9.27for qualified capital projects.

9.29To the commissioner of management
9.30and budget for bond sale expenses under
9.31Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.641,
9.32subdivision 8.

10.1    Sec. 7. BOND SALE SCHEDULE.
10.2The commissioner of management and budget shall schedule the sale of state
10.3general obligation bonds so that, during the biennium ending June 30, 2015, no more
10.4than $1,280,165,000 will need to be transferred from the general fund to the state bond
10.5fund to pay principal and interest due and to become due on outstanding state general
10.6obligation bonds. During the biennium, before each sale of state general obligation bonds,
10.7the commissioner of management and budget shall calculate the amount of debt service
10.8payments needed on bonds previously issued and shall estimate the amount of debt service
10.9payments that will be needed on the bonds scheduled to be sold. The commissioner shall
10.10adjust the amount of bonds scheduled to be sold so as to remain within the limit set by this
10.11section. The amount needed to make the debt service payments is appropriated from the
10.12general fund as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.641.

10.14To provide the money appropriated in this act from the bond proceeds fund, the
10.15commissioner of management and budget shall sell and issue bonds of the state in an
10.16amount up to $178,795,000 in the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect prescribed
10.17by Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the Minnesota Constitution,
10.18article XI, sections 4 to 7.

10.20The $2,000,000 appropriation in Laws 2009, chapter 93, article 1, section 11,
10.21subdivision 7, for the Alexandria aircraft surveillance facility, is canceled. The bond sale
10.22authorization in Laws 2009, chapter 93, article 1, section 21, subdivision 1, is reduced
10.23by $2,000,000.

10.24    Sec. 10. Laws 2002, chapter 393, section 22, subdivision 6, as amended by Laws 2005,
10.25chapter 20, article 1, section 43, is amended to read:
Subd. 6.Fergus Falls Regional Treatment
10.28To design, renovate, construct, furnish,
10.29and equip ancillary support and program
10.30facilities, including improvements to basic
10.31infrastructure,such as sanitary and storm
10.32sewer and water lines, public streets,
10.33curb, gutter, street lights, or sidewalks, to
11.1make improvements for building envelope
11.2and structural integrity for the purposes
11.3of stabilizing the buildings for sale, for
11.4 hazardous materials abatement, and for
11.5 demolition that will facilitate the relocation
11.6of the facility's ancillary support, treatment,
11.7and residential programs from the Corkboard
11.8buildings and of all or portions of surplus,
11.9nonfunctional, or deteriorated facilities
11.10and infrastructure or to renovate surplus,
11.11nonfunctional, or deteriorated facilities and
11.12infrastructure to facilitate the disposition
11.13 redevelopment of the Fergus Falls Regional
11.14Treatment Center campus. If the property
11.15is sold or transferred to a local unit of
11.16government, the unspent portion of this
11.17appropriation may be granted to the local
11.18unit of government that acquires the campus
11.19for the purposes stated in this subdivision.
11.20Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section
11.2116A.642, the bond sale authorization and
11.22appropriation of bond proceeds in this
11.23subdivision are available until December 31,

11.25    Sec. 11. Laws 2005, chapter 20, article 1, section 20, subdivision 3, as amended by
11.26Laws 2006, chapter 258, section 47, is amended to read:
Subd. 3.Systemwide Redevelopment, Reuse,
or Demolition
11.29To demolish or improve surplus,
11.30nonfunctional, or deteriorated facilities and
11.31infrastructure at Department of Human
11.32Services campuses statewide.
11.33(a) Up to $8,600,000 may be used to
11.34predesign, design, construct, furnish,
12.1and equip renovation of existing space
12.2or construction of new space for skilled
12.3nursing home capacity for forensic treatment
12.4programs operated by state-operated services
12.5on the campus of St. Peter Regional
12.6Treatment Center.
12.7(b) $4,000,000 may be used to prepare
12.8and develop a site, including demolition of
12.9buildings and infrastructure, to implement
12.10the redevelopment and reuse of the
12.11Ah-gwah-ching Regional Treatment Center
12.12campus. If the property is sold or transferred
12.13to a local unit of government, the unspent
12.14portion of this appropriation may be granted
12.15to the local unit of government that acquires
12.16the campus for the purposes stated in this
12.18Up to $400,000 may be used for a grant
12.19to the city of Walker to connect the water
12.20reservoir to the city.
12.21(c) $1,000,000 may be used to renovate one
12.22or more buildings for chemical dependency
12.23treatment specializing in methamphetamine
12.24addiction, and demolish buildings, on the
12.25Willmar Regional Treatment Center campus.
12.26If the property is sold or transferred to a local
12.27unit of government, the unspent portion of
12.28this appropriation may be granted to the local
12.29unit of government that acquires the campus
12.30for the purposes stated in this subdivision.
12.31(d) Up to $2,210,000 may be spent by the
12.32commissioner of finance to retire municipal
12.33bonds issued by the city of Fergus Falls
12.34and to retire interfund loans incurred by the
12.35city of Fergus Falls in connection with the
13.1waste incinerator and steam heating facility
13.2at the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment
13.3Center. $447,610 of unexpended nonsalary
13.4money from state-operated services may be
13.5transferred as a grant to the city of Fergus
13.6Falls to retire interfund loans incurred by the
13.7city of Fergus Falls in connection with the
13.8waste incinerator and steam heating facility
13.9at the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment
13.10Center. This money is only available upon
13.11satisfactory completion of implementation of
13.12the final master plan agreement, as approved
13.13by the Department of Administration, the
13.14Department of Human Services, and the city
13.15of Fergus Falls.
13.16(e) Up to $400,000 may be used for a grant
13.17to the city of Fergus Falls for hazardous
13.18materials abatement, improvements to
13.19basic infrastructure, including sanitary and
13.20storm sewer and water lines, public streets,
13.21curb, gutter, street lights, or sidewalks, to
13.22make improvements for building envelope
13.23and structural integrity for the purposes
13.24of stabilizing the buildings for sale, and
13.25 to demolish all or portions of surplus,
13.26nonfunctional, or deteriorated facilities
13.27and infrastructure or to renovate surplus,
13.28nonfunctional, or deteriorated facilities and
13.29infrastructure to facilitate redevelopment of
13.30 the city's waste-to-energy incineration plant
13.31located on the grounds of the Fergus Falls
13.32Regional Treatment Center campus.
13.33Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section
13.3416A.642, the bond sale authorization and
13.35appropriation of bond proceeds in this
14.1paragraph are available until December 31,
14.3(f) The provisions, terms, and conditions of
14.4any grant made by the director of the Office of
14.5Environmental Assistance under Minnesota
14.6Statutes, chapter 115A, to the city of Fergus
14.7Falls for the waste incinerator steam heating
14.8facility that supports the Fergus Falls
14.9Regional Treatment Center and that may
14.10come into effect as a result of the incinerator
14.11and facility being closed, are hereby waived.

14.12    Sec. 12. Laws 2006, chapter 258, section 17, subdivision 8, as amended by Laws
14.132008, chapter 179, section 64, and Laws 2011, First Special Session chapter 12, section
14.1430, is amended to read:
Subd. 8.Metropolitan Regional Parks Capital
14.17For the cost of improvements and betterments
14.18of a capital nature and acquisition by the
14.19council and local government units of
14.20regional recreational open-space lands in
14.21accordance with the council's policy plan
14.22as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section
14.23473.147 . Priority must be given to park
14.24rehabilitation and land acquisition projects.
14.25$300,000 is for a grant to the city of
14.26Bloomington for environmental analysis
14.27and review, design, and construction of a
14.28multimodal trail connection across or through
14.29Long Meadow Lake in the vicinity of the old
14.30Cedar Avenue bridge and for development
14.31of a segment of the Minnesota Valley State
14.32Trail from Fort Snelling State Park to the
14.33Long Meadow Lake crossing to serve as
14.34a hiking and bicycling trail connection to
15.1renovate and restore, or to replace, the Old
15.2Cedar Avenue Bridge for bicycle commuters
15.3and recreational users. Notwithstanding
15.4Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642, the
15.5bond sale authorization and appropriation of
15.6bond proceeds for this project are available
15.7until December 31, 2017.
15.8$6,000,000 is for a grant to the county of
15.9Dakota to acquire land for a regional park
15.10and wildlife area adjacent to the Vermillion
15.11Highlands Research, Recreation, and Wildlife
15.12Management Area in Dakota County.
15.13$1,800,000 is for a grant to the city of
15.14Minneapolis to complete land acquisition for
15.15and construction of the Cedar Lake Trail.
15.16$3,500,000 is for a grant to the Minneapolis
15.17Park and Recreation Board to design,
15.18construct, furnish, and equip a new cultural
15.19and community center in the East Phillips
15.20neighborhood in Minneapolis.
15.21$250,000 is for a grant to the Minneapolis
15.22Park and Recreation Board to predesign
15.23completion of the Grand Rounds National
15.24Scenic Byway by providing a link between
15.25northeast Minneapolis on Stinson Avenue and
15.26Southeast Minneapolis at East River Road.
15.27$2,500,000 is for a grant to the Minneapolis
15.28Park and Recreation Board to mitigate
15.29flooding at Lake of the Isles in the city
15.30of Minneapolis. The grant must be used
15.31for shoreline stabilization and restoration,
15.32dredging, wetland replacement, and other
15.33infrastructure improvements necessary to
15.34deal with the 1997 flood damage and to
15.35prevent future flooding.
16.1$321,000 is for a grant to Ramsey County
16.2to construct a bicycle and pedestrian trail on
16.3the north side of Lower Afton Road between
16.4Century Avenue and McKnight Road in the
16.5city of Maplewood. This appropriation is
16.6not available until the commissioner has
16.7determined that at least an equal amount has
16.8been committed from nonstate sources.
16.9$9,000,000 is for a grant to the city of St.
16.10Paul to predesign, design, construct, furnish,
16.11equip, and redevelop infrastructure at the
16.12Como Zoo.
16.13$2,500,000 is for a grant to the city of St.
16.14Paul to acquire land for and to predesign,
16.15design, construct, furnish, and equip river
16.16park development and redevelopment
16.17infrastructure in National Great River Park
16.18along the Mississippi River in St. Paul.
16.19$2,000,000 is for a grant to the city of
16.20South St. Paul for the closure, capping, and
16.21remediation of approximately 80 acres of
16.22the Port Crosby construction and demolition
16.23debris landfill in South St. Paul, as the fifth
16.24phase of converting the land into parkland,
16.25and to restore approximately 80 acres of
16.26riverfront land along the Mississippi River.
16.27$191,000 is for a grant to the city of White
16.28Bear Lake to construct the Lake Avenue
16.29Regional Trail connecting Highway 96
16.30Regional Trail with Ramsey Beach.

16.31    Sec. 13. Laws 2006, chapter 258, section 18, subdivision 6, is amended to read:
Subd. 6.Systemwide Redevelopment, Reuse,
or Demolition
17.1To abate hazardous materials, design,
17.2construct, or improve basic infrastructure,
17.3including sanitary and storm sewer and
17.4water lines, public streets, curb, gutter, street
17.5lights, or sidewalks, to make improvements
17.6for building envelope and structural
17.7integrity for the purposes of stabilizing the
17.8buildings for sale, demolish all or portions
17.9of surplus, nonfunctional, or deteriorated
17.10facilities and infrastructure or to renovate
17.11surplus, nonfunctional, or deteriorated
17.12facilities and infrastructure at to facilitate
17.13redevelopment of Department of Human
17.14Services campuses that the commissioner
17.15of administration is authorized to convey
17.16to a local unit of government under Laws
17.172005, chapter 20, article 1, section 46, or
17.18other law. These projects must facilitate the
17.19redevelopment or reuse of these campuses
17.20and must be implemented consistent with
17.21the comprehensive redevelopment plans
17.22developed and approved under Laws 2003,
17.23First Special Session chapter 14, article 6,
17.24section 64, subdivision 2, unless expressly
17.25provided otherwise. If a surplus campus
17.26is sold or transferred to a local unit of
17.27government, unspent portions of this
17.28appropriation may be granted to that local
17.29unit of government for the purposes stated in
17.30this subdivision. Notwithstanding Minnesota
17.31Statutes, section 16A.642, the bond sale
17.32authorization and appropriation of bond
17.33proceeds in this subdivision are available
17.34until December 31, 2016.

17.35    Sec. 14. Laws 2008, chapter 179, section 21, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
Subd. 3.Bioscience Business Development
Public Infrastructure Grant Program
18.3For grants under Minnesota Statutes, section
18.4116J.435 .
18.5$3,500,000 is for public infrastructure,
18.6including land acquisition, to support a
18.7private research park within a designated
18.8bioscience subzone that is adjacent to and
18.9complementary to research facilities of
18.10a college or university. Notwithstanding
18.11Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642, the
18.12bond sale authorization and appropriation of
18.13bond proceeds for this project are available
18.14until June 30, 2015.
18.15$1,000,000 is for a grant to the city of
18.16Worthington for public infrastructure to
18.17support an agricultural-based bioscience
18.18training and testing center for incubator firms
18.19developing new agricultural processes and

18.21    Sec. 15. Laws 2008, chapter 365, section 4, subdivision 3, as amended by Laws
18.222010, chapter 189, section 58, and Laws 2011, First Special Session chapter 12, section
18.2336, is amended to read:
Subd. 3.Old Cedar Avenue Bridge
18.25For a grant to the city of Bloomington for
18.26environmental analysis and review, design,
18.27and construction of a multimodal trail
18.28connection across or through Long Meadow
18.29Lake in the vicinity of the old Cedar Avenue
18.30Bridge and for development of a segment of
18.31the Minnesota Valley State Trail from Fort
18.32Snelling State Park to the Long Meadow Lake
18.33crossing to renovate and restore, or to replace,
18.34the old Cedar Avenue Bridge for bicycle
19.1commuters and recreational users. This
19.2appropriation is added to the appropriation
19.3in Laws 2006, chapter 258, section 17,
19.4subdivision 8, as amended. Notwithstanding
19.5Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642, the
19.6bond sale authorization and appropriation of
19.7bond proceeds for this project are available
19.8until December 31, 2017.

19.9    Sec. 16. Laws 2010, chapter 189, section 16, subdivision 4, as amended by Laws 2011,
19.10First Special Session chapter 12, section 45, is amended to read:
Subd. 4.Metropolitan Regional Parks and
Trails Capital Improvements
(a) Metropolitan Council Priorities
19.14For the cost of improvements and betterments
19.15of a capital nature and acquisition by the
19.16council and local government units of
19.17regional recreational open-space lands in
19.18accordance with the council's policy plan
19.19as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section
19.20473.147 . Priority must be given to park
19.21rehabilitation and land acquisition projects.
19.22This appropriation must not be used to
19.23purchase easements.
(b) Como Zoo
19.25For a grant to the city of St. Paul to predesign,
19.26design, construct, furnish, and equip phase 2
19.27renovation of exhibits at the Como Zoo.
(d) Old Cedar Avenue Bridge
19.29For a grant to the city of Bloomington for
19.30environmental analysis and review, design,
19.31and construction of a multimodal trail
19.32connection across or through Long Meadow
19.33Lake in the vicinity of the Old Cedar Avenue
20.1Bridge and for development of a segment of
20.2the Minnesota Valley State Trail from Fort
20.3Snelling State Park to the Long Meadow
20.4Lake crossing to renovate and restore, or to
20.5replace, the old Cedar Avenue Bridge for
20.6bicycle commuters and recreational users.
20.7The city of Bloomington must consult with
20.8the city of Eagan and Dakota County on
20.9the renovation project. Notwithstanding
20.10Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642, the
20.11bond sale authorization and appropriation of
20.12bond proceeds for this project are available
20.13until December 31, 2017.
20.14This appropriation is added to the
20.15appropriation in Laws 2008, chapter 365,
20.16section 4, subdivision 3, as amended by this
(f) Rock Island Bridge Park and Trail
20.20For a grant to the city of Inver Grove Heights
20.21for park and trail development on the west
20.22bank of the Mississippi River in Dakota
20.23County at the site of Mississippi River Bridge
20.24JAR 5600, commonly known as the Rock
20.25Island Bridge. Any park or trails developed
20.26with this appropriation must connect with
20.27any local, regional, or state trails in the
20.28vicinity, and the historic Rock Island Bridge.
(i) Veterans Memorial Parks
20.30For a grant to the Minneapolis Park and
20.31Recreation Board to: (1) design and construct
20.32an appropriate monument in Sheridan
20.33Veterans Memorial Park on the Mississippi
20.34River in Minneapolis to memorialize the war
20.35service of Minnesota veterans of all wars;
21.1and (2) match money provided by Hennepin
21.2County to restore the flagpole monument
21.3and plaza, and make other infrastructure
21.4improvements of a capital nature for the
21.5Veterans of World War I Victory Memorial
21.6Parkway, consistent with Hennepin County's
21.7planned infrastructure improvements.

21.8    Sec. 17. Laws 2011, First Special Session chapter 12, section 10, is amended to read:
21.10To the commissioner of administration
21.11to predesign, design, construct, renovate,
21.12furnish, and equip certain existing state data
21.13center facilities and decommission certain
21.14other existing state data center for the purpose
21.15of decommissioning and repurposing or for
21.16maximizing capacity and utilization of such
21.17 facilities.

21.19Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.24, subdivision 5, paragraph (d),
21.20the commissioner of administration shall not collect rent to recover bond interest costs or
21.21building depreciation costs for any appropriations utilized for the restoration of the State
21.22Capitol campus, between calendar years 2012 and 2017.

21.23    Sec. 19. EFFECTIVE DATE.
21.24This act is effective the day following final enactment."
21.25Delete the title and insert:
21.26"A bill for an act
21.27relating to capital improvements; appropriating money to acquire and better public
21.28land and buildings and other improvements of a capital nature; authorizing the
21.29sale and issuance of state bonds; modifying and cancelling prior appropriations;
21.30amending Laws 2002, chapter 393, section 22, subdivision 6, as amended; Laws
21.312005, chapter 20, article 1, section 20, subdivision 3, as amended; Laws 2006,
21.32chapter 258, sections 17, subdivision 8, as amended; 18, subdivision 6; Laws
21.332008, chapter 179, section 21, subdivision 3; Laws 2008, chapter 365, section 4,
21.34subdivision 3, as amended; Laws 2010, chapter 189, section 16, subdivision 4, as
21.35amended; Laws 2011, First Special Session chapter 12, section 10."