1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 63, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 5, line 15, delete "each" and insert "the first" and delete "is" and insert "and $30,000
1.3the second year are"
1.4Page 5, line 26, delete "214,667,000" and insert "214,167,000" and delete "213,505,000"
1.5and insert "213,005,000"
1.6Page 5, line 27, delete "129,264,000" and insert "128,764,000" and delete "128,121,000"
1.7and insert "127,621,000"
1.8Page 11, line 18, delete "47,817,000" and insert "47,317,000" and delete "47,737,000"
1.9and insert "47,237,000"
1.10Page 11, line 20, delete "47,721,000" and insert "47,221,000" and delete "47,641,000"
1.11and insert "47,141,000"
1.12Page 14, delete line 33
1.13Page 15, delete lines 1 to 19
1.14Reletter the paragraphs in sequence
1.15Page 26, after line 27, insert:
1.16"EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective June 30, 2021."
1.17Page 46, after line 19, insert:

1.18    "Sec. .... [299F.3605] PETROLEUM REFINERIES.
1.19(a) As used in this section, "petroleum refinery" has the meaning given in section
1.20115C.02, subdivision 10a.
1.21(b) By January 1, 2022, each petroleum refinery operating in the state shall maintain or
1.22contract for a full-time paid on-site fire department regularly charged with the responsibility
2.1of providing fire protection to the refinery that is sufficiently trained, equipped, and staffed
2.2to respond to fires at the refinery and to conduct inspections to prevent fires."
2.3Page 46, line 22, delete "shall" and insert "may" and delete "for"
2.4Page 46, line 23, delete "elements of" and insert "from" and delete "that" and insert "if
2.5there is"
2.6Page 77, delete lines 22 to 24
2.7Page 79, after line 11, insert:

2.8    "Sec. .... TITLE.
2.9Section 32 shall be known as "Officer Arik Matson's Law.""
2.10Page 98, delete section 28
2.11Page 159, line 23, delete "if" and insert "was the driver," and after the second comma
2.12insert "and"
2.13Page 217, line 4, delete "5" and insert "4"
2.14Page 223, after line 26, insert:

2.15    "Sec. .... Laws 2017, chapter 95, article 3, section 30, is amended to read:
2.17(a) Agencies providing supervision to offenders on probation, parole, or supervised
2.18release are eligible for grants funding to facilitate access to community options including,
2.19but not limited to, inpatient chemical dependency treatment for nonviolent controlled
2.20substance offenders to address and correct behavior that is, or is likely to result in, a technical
2.21violation of the conditions of release. For purposes of this section, "nonviolent controlled
2.22substance offender" is a person who meets the criteria described under Minnesota Statutes,
2.23section 244.0513, subdivision 2, clauses (1), (2), and (5), and "technical violation" means
2.24a violation of a court order of probation, condition of parole, or condition of supervised
2.25release, except an allegation of a subsequent criminal act that is alleged in a formal complaint,
2.26citation, or petition.
2.27(b) The Department of Corrections shall establish criteria for selecting grant recipients
2.28and the amount awarded to each grant recipient issue annual funding of $160,000 to each
3.1(c) By January 15, 2019, The commissioner of corrections shall submit a an annual
3.2report to the chairs of the house of representatives and senate committees with jurisdiction
3.3over public safety policy and finance by January 15 of each year. At a minimum, the report
3.4must include:
3.5(1) the total number of grants issued under this program;
3.6(2) the average amount of each grant;
3.7(3) (1) the community services accessed as a result of the grants funding;
3.8(4) (2) a summary of the type of supervision offenders were under when a grant funding
3.9was used to help access a community option;
3.10(5) (3) the number of individuals who completed, and the number who failed to complete,
3.11programs accessed as a result of this grant funding; and
3.12(6) (4) the number of individuals who violated the terms of release following participation
3.13in a program accessed as a result of this grant funding, separating technical violations and
3.14new criminal offenses.;
3.15(5) the number of individuals who completed or were discharged from probation after
3.16participating in the program;
3.17(6) the number of individuals identified in clause (5) who committed a new offense after
3.18discharge from the program;
3.19(7) identification of barriers nonviolent controlled substance offenders face in accessing
3.20community services and a description of how the program navigates those barriers; and
3.21(8) identification of gaps in existing community services for nonviolent controlled
3.22substance offenders."
3.23Page 224, after line 1, insert:

3.24    "Sec. .... REVISOR INSTRUCTION.
3.25In the next edition of Minnesota Statutes, the revisor of statutes shall codify the
3.26alternatives to incarceration pilot project under section 12 to reflect that it is a permanent
3.27program. The revisor may make editorial and other nonsubstantive language changes to
3.28accomplish this."
3.29Page 224, after line 1, insert:

4.1"ARTICLE 10

4.4Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, sections 645.02 and 645.21, or any other law to
4.5the contrary, articles 1 to 9 are effective on or retroactively from July 1, 2021. If a provision
4.6in an article specifies an effective date different than July 1, 2021, for purposes of the
4.7provision the effective date specified in the article prevails.
4.8EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
4.9Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.10Amend the title accordingly