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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Health panel considers bills shifting responsibility for anti-tobacco efforts to state agency

For years, the “vast majority” of Minnesota’s tobacco prevention programs and cessation services have been provided by ClearWay Minnesota – an organization founded for that express purpose and funded by money from legal settlements paid by tobacco companies.

Committee OKs $4 million toward Greater MN child care needs

HF413 would make a onetime $4 million appropriation in fiscal year 2022 from the General Fund for a grant to the Minnesota Initiative Foundation to support programs in rural communities to sustain and increase the supply of quality child care.

Week in Review: Feb. 1-5

During a week that began with Groundhog Day, it may not be surprising that one of the themes to House meetings over the past few days was legislation that’s been heard before. ...

House panel hears bill to give Legislature say in COVID-19 response, but takes no vote

HF371 would permit the Legislature to terminate any order or rule promulgated by the governor if a peacetime emergency is continued for more than 30 days.

Measure mandating local governments to create civilian oversight of law enforcement clears public safety panel

HF640 would modify the Peace Officer Discipline Procedures Act to require local units of government with more than 50 officers to establish law enforcement citizen oversight councils.

Millions of dollars needed to stem emerald ash borer's spread, experts say

Recent state investments have been critical in curbing the spread of emerald ash borer, but tens of millions of dollars are still needed to protect Minnesota's ash trees, lawmakers learned Friday.

Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity proposed to shore up state systems

HF66 would create a Legislative Commission on Cybersecurity to be comprised of eight legislators representing both bodies and both parties.

Bill aims to create a ‘fair system’ by reforming civil asset forfeiture laws

Rep. Kelly Moller (DFL-Shoreview) said a lack of due process in forfeiture laws has been a concern for many years.

Is it time to end 'spring ahead, fall back?'

Rep. Mike Freiberg (DFL-Golden Valley) sponsors HF72 that would recognize daylight saving time as the official state of time each and every second of the year in Minnesota.

Walz tax proposal: Supporting 'those who have been hurt the most’ or ‘class warfare?’

How do you close a $1.28 billion budget gap? Gov. Tim Walz has some ideas. And the House Taxes Committee heard about them Thursday.

Lawmakers consider removing hurdle in holding PFAS polluters accountable

An obstacle to holding companies responsible for pollution caused by the family of "forever" chemicals at the center of the $850 million settlement between the state and 3M in 2018 could be removed.

House passes bill to clarify and extend court deadlines

By a vote of 132-0, the House passed a bill Thursday that would clarify legislation passed related to Gov. Tim Walz’s first COVID-19 emergency declaration in March 2020.

Legislation to exclude white supremacists from police ranks advances in House

HF593 would require the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board to modify the peace officer code of conduct to prohibit peace officers from affiliating with, supporting, or advocating for white supremacist groups, causes, or ideologies.

Homeowners associations wouldn't have power to say no to solar under bill

Sponsored by Rep. Ami Wazlawik (DFL-White Bear Township), HF257 would prohibit homeowners associations from banning solar installations on residences.

Transportation committee approves limits on driver’s license suspensions

The House Transportation Committee on Thursday approved a proposal that would end driver’s license suspensions as the penalty for a number of different violations, while allowing people who have lost licenses for those offenses to get them back.

Walz proposes $745 million in new state aid for E-12 education

The E-12 education budget is the largest expenditure in Gov. Tim Walz’s “Minnesota’s COVID-19 Recovery Budget” proposal, totaling 40.6% of the $52.4 billion recommendation.

Long-term boost to emergency services funding another proposal aimed at tackling MN homelessness crisis

'We were facing a [homelessness] crisis before COVID began,' Rep. Michael Howard (DFL-Richfield) told the House Human Services Finance and Policy Committee.

Boost to local public health grants could support prevention efforts across state

Additional funding for local public health grants could help provide the resources and flexibility needed to improve the lives of Minnesotans through prevention-based, community-specific initiatives.

Bill seeks more upfront transparency in health care costs

HF57 would require most hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, and medical practices to make available to the public a list of current standard charges for all items and services provided by the medical practice.

Panel OKs updating veterans law to ensure adult day program's standing

A tweak to a state law that would solidify the right of the Department of Veterans Affairs to operate adult day centers has received committee approval.

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