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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Push for tax transparency gets some pushback

Rather than have every county, school district and municipality select its own date for the annual “Truth in Taxation” hearing, HF496 everyone would hold theirs on the first Wednesday evening after the first Monday of December.

MN VA could gain new position aimed at public outreach

On Wednesday, the House Labor, Industry, Veterans and Military Affairs Finance and Policy Committee unanimously approved HF484, which would allow the department to hire a publicity agent.

House panel hears bill to fund $3.6 million in Greater MN business development grants

HF426 would appropriate $3.6 million in the 2022-23 biennium from the General Fund for the Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant Program.

Work could shift from paperwork to patients with consistent standards in mental health services

Mental health professionals could spend more time treating patients and less time navigating paperwork and unnecessary requirements with the introduction of uniform service standards.

Lawmakers ask whether Minnesotans of color served well by Legacy funds

Representatives from each of the four funds the House Legacy Finance Committee oversees talked about efforts to ensure that communities of color are being served by their efforts.

Homeless youth would have easier time getting ID under approved bill

Homeless youth and young adults could have an easier time obtaining identification cards, which are often crucial for getting a job, enrolling in school or applying for public assistance.

School districts could see 2 percent increase in general education revenue

HF843 would increase the general education basic formula allowance by 2% per year for fiscal years 2022 and 2023.

House panel approves bill to add $30 million to disaster assistance contingency account

HF38 would appropriate $30 million from the General Fund in fiscal year 2021 to replenish the account that has less than $4 million in it.

Bill would ensure ‘absolutely essential’ legal counsel to parents at emergency child protection hearings

HF312 would require counties to appoint a public defender to all financially eligible parents, guardians, and custodians who ask for one prior to the first hearing, and at all stages of child protection proceedings.

As fight against pandemic continues, lawmakers consider making mask mandate state law

A House committee on Tuesday heard a proposal to make wearing face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic the law in Minnesota.

Bill creating $35 million fund to reimburse mutual aid costs heads to Floor

A bill that would create the State Aid for Emergencies account and fund it with $35 million is headed to the House Floor.

Commerce panel holds over bill targeted at thefts of catalytic converter

Stealing a catalytic converter can take just a matter of seconds, and it can net a thief up to $500 when sold to a scrap metal dealer for the precious metals it contains.

Minnesota's turtle harvest could be permanently banned

HF387, sponsored by Rep. Samantha Vang (DFL-Brooklyn Center), would prevent trappers from catching turtles for commercial purposes, which activists and conservationists say is an especially harmful practice.

Judges might be able to lower court costs for low-income people

Demonstrating “undue hardship” to a judge may be able to lower a person’s court costs. Under current law, anyone appearing in criminal or traffic court must pay a $75 surcha...

Proposed website would let Minnesotans see their tax dollars at work

Sponsored by Rep. Paul Marquart (DFL-Dilworth), HF46 would create an interactive website that would allow you to see what your tax dollars are doing after they leave your bank account and are collected by the state.

Reforms to child care program are yielding results, committee hears

Legislative efforts to improve the Child Care Assistance Program’s integrity appear to be paying off.

Three House panels hear governor’s plan for big increase in public housing bonding

Walz administration pushing the idea is that a larger investment is needed in public housing to confront the state’s problems with unaffordable housing and homelessness.

Committee OKs trio of bills that would add new safeguards for MN renters

The legislation aims to lessen the imbalance of power between renters and landlords, its sponsor says.

Additional services considered to support medical recovery for homeless Minnesotans

HF256 would direct the Department of Human Services to seek federal funding to develop a “recuperative health home model” that would provide wraparound services to homeless people recovering from medical events.

Teachers unions get more say in class sizes, testing frequency under bill OK'd by education committee

Sponsored by Rep. Sydney Jordan (DFL-Mpls), HF603, would make several modifications to the state’s public labor laws.

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