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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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House, Senate pass omnibus health and human services bill

An $18.8 billion omnibus health and human services bill that aims to improve the lives of Minnesotans across the state has been sent to the governor.

Stalled bonding projects would get green light again under House-approved bill

When it comes to a 2021 bonding bill, a little above the minimum may suffice. Throughout this year’s regular session, Republicans on the House Capital Investment Committee a...

House passes education bill with more per-pupil funding, teacher training

Spending per pupil would rise, pre-kindergarten offerings wouldn’t shrink, and training opportunities for teachers and staff would increase under the omnibus E-12 education finance bill.

House passes omnibus jobs, labor bill

The omnibus employment and economic development bill would spend $1.6 billion on programs ranging from helping businesses recover from COVID-19 restrictions and civil unrest to subsidizing child care so new parents can work.

Omnibus environment bill clears House, heads to the governor

The omnibus environment and natural resources policy and finance bill was passed 99-34 Friday by the House and sent to the state’s top elected official. It was passed 49-14 by the Senate Tuesday.

Education bill brings disparate proposals together, heads for House Floor

The yawning gap in E-12 education funding found in the omnibus bills that passed the House and Senate last month is no more, as a working group has successfully found middle ground.

State government committee learns details of House, Senate agreement

The bill contains a handful of elections provisions, including a process for absentee ballot drop boxes and policy issues related to veterans.

Bill including end to eviction pause, increased housing funding passes House

The $125.6 million omnibus housing finance and policy bill contains just $10 million in new General Fund spending, but it also contains provisions that address short- and long-term needs.

Omnibus environment bill gets committee review before expected House vote

Passed 49-14 by the Senate Tuesday, the omnibus environment and natural resources policy and finance bill is scheduled to receive a House vote Friday.

House passes transportation agreement

Billions of dollars for the state’s roads, bridges and public transportation system could be flowing after the House voted 112-21 Wednesday to pass the omnibus transportation finance and policy bill.

Committee hears details of House, Senate transportation agreement

Legislative leaders reached agreement on an omnibus transportation finance and policy bill that would provide funding for the Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety and the Metropolitan Council during the upcoming biennium.

Housing panel reviews agreement on ending state's eviction moratorium

Ending of the COVID-19-related eviction moratorium and making substantial investments in multiple types of housing are among the highlights of a bill with bipartisan agreement.

After drawn-out debate, House OKs commerce, energy legislation without extension of reinsurance program

This special session’s first bill up for floor debate last Thursday was the omnibus commerce, climate and energy finance and policy bill. Four days later, it finally passed.

Omnibus higher education bill joins Saturday night passing party

Like a heavy rain after a heat wave, budget bills started bursting forth Saturday night after three days of House Republican filibusters, one after another gaining approval. As ...

House passes omnibus agriculture, broadband finance bill

After tabling the omnibus agriculture and broadband finance bill following about 8 hours of debate Friday, the House took the bill up again Saturday and made short work of it, p...

At long last, Legacy: House passes first bill of special session

After three days of filibusters by House Republicans, a bill was finally passed by the House. But the first budget bill approved during the first special session of 2021 doesn’t really deal with the state budget. Not the General Fund anyway.

With budget still unfinished, action on House Floor grinds to halt during daylong debate

The omnibus commerce, climate and energy finance and policy bill was to be the first of the budget bills to be debated by the full House during this special session.

House debates, then tables $139 million omnibus agriculture bill

Republicans say the $139 million omnibus agriculture and broadband finance bill needs more committee scrutiny and debate.

Tax agreement is ready to go, complete with PPP, unemployment exemptions

Bipartisan support has been given to the omnibus tax bill that is going to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Commerce, energy agreement heads to House Floor; action anticipated Thursday

Increased protection for consumers and borrowers, and a boost for renewable energy are key elements of an agreement the House and Senate have reached in the areas of commerce and energy.

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