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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Lawmakers consider a boost to funding for program targeted at low-income students pursuing higher education

HF825 would appropriate $1.1 million during the 2022-23 biennium for College Possible, a nonprofit college access organization that supports students from low-income backgrounds.

Barns hosting wedding events could be exempt from sprinkler requirements

The scores of barns-turned-wedding-venues that have popped up in Minnesota could be exempt from sprinkler systems requirements, which owners say cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and do little to improve safety.

Medical Assistance eligibility could be extended for new mothers

Thousands of new moms could receive a full year of coverage through Medical Assistance, under a bill that would expand their eligibility from 60 days to 365 days postpartum.

For Minnesotans with student debt, paying off loans could get a little less expensive

Student debt can seem like a boulder on the shoulders of those who carry it well into their post-school lives. But HF1234 may provide a pickax to chip away at that daunting rock.

Measure excluding COVID-19 relief payments from debt garnishment heads to House Floor

COVID-19 relief checks from the government could not be garnished to pay one’s personal, family or household debts under a proposal headed to the House Floor.

Proposed automatic voter registration moves forward in House

Minnesota led the nation in voter turnout during the 2020 general election with nearly 80% of those eligible casting a ballot.

With call for funds to help rebuild damaged neighborhoods, Walz bonding plan meets resistance from House GOPers

Gov. Tim Walz would like to see Minnesota’s bonding money go toward repairing and rebuilding, with a side order of unlocking federal funds.

More relatives could provide foster care under proposed reforms

HF1287 would remove barriers to kinship placements that disproportionately impact people of color and bring foster home licensing standards more in line with current adoption standards and federal policy.

With state's supply of affordable housing low, lawmakers look to boost MN homebuyers

More state funding could be used over the next 10 years to increase housing options for low- and middle-income homebuyers.

Proposal would limit youngest learners’ device usage

Data regarding the effects of excessive screen use on young children is growing, and the news is not good, according to Rep. Kelly Morrison (DFL-Deephaven).

Bill banning perc, prioritizing dry cleaners for cleanup funds clears House

A bill banning a hazardous dry-cleaning solvent and prioritizing Minnesota dry cleaners for access to an industry-funded state account for environmental cleanup projects has been passed.

Education committee considers changes to the teacher licensure system

Since the state’s current teacher licensure system went into effect a few years ago it has been a source of ongoing discussions.

Benefits extension sought for school bus drivers, other hourly school workers

School bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and other hourly school workers who have little or no income while schools are on break could become eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

Dangers of skin-lightening creams could be highlighted by grant program

HF1419 would create and fund a grant program through the Department of Health to increase public awareness on the dangers of these products.

Board of Animal Health could be restructured after CWD criticism

Sponsored by Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL-South St. Paul), HF1137 would expand the Board of Animal Health, which oversees its namesake agency, to nine members instead of the current five.

Nonpartisan House office honored for informing Minnesotans

The entire nonpartisan House Public Information Services Department has been honored for its work, as has Steve Senyk, director of Senate Media Services.

House, Senate pass state government bill that includes end to peacetime emergency

Sponsored by Rep. Michael Nelson (DFL-Brooklyn Park) and Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer (R-Big Lake), SSHF12/SSSF2* would provide funding — and some increases — for various agencies, boards and commissions.

Omnibus judiciary and public safety bill gets House, Senate OK

The House and Senate passed potentially the most controversial bill of the special session Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

House, Senate pass omnibus jobs conference committee report, send it to governor

The $1.6 billion omnibus employment and economic development bill is the latest measure going to Gov. Tim Walz.

Legislative leaders reach deal on public safety bill; expected on House Floor Tuesday

Legislative leaders reached a deal Saturday on public safety legislation that includes several police reform and accountability measures supported by the House, but that also left out many others.

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