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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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State response to opioid crisis to be hashed out in conference committee

The waves of opioid addiction and related overdose deaths in Minnesota are a “true public health crisis” requiring a comprehensive, forward-thinking approach, testifiers told the conference committee working to craft the Legislature’s response to the epidemic.

Week in Review: April 29-May 3

A look back at what happened in the Minnesota House of Representatives the week of April 29-May 3, 2019.

Vast differences between House and Senate HHS omnibus proposals

The Health and Human Services Conference Committee began its work Friday with polite skepticism and extremely cautious optimism. But massive differences between Senate and House funding proposals will require extensive discussion over the next 10 days.

A scheduling dispute, a power struggle, a walkout: Rough start for a conference committee

When workers don’t like how they’re being treated, they’ve been known to stage a walkout. And that’s what happened at the first meeting of the conference committee on the omnibus jobs bill Friday.

What’s the difference? It’s a big one in House and Senate tax proposals

Is the state fiscally sound enough to lower tax revenues by $10 million in the next biennium? Or should the coffers be beefed up by over $1 billion in order to increase funding in state programs?

After heated debate about arts funding, House passes omnibus legacy bill

House OKs bill that would allocate $629.98 million of the state’s sales tax revenue to clean water, outdoor heritage, parks and trails, and arts and cultural heritage.

With 18 days left, pace quickens with 'aggressive' conference committee schedule

Up to 18 days remain in 2019 legislative session until the constitutionally mandated adjournment on May 20.

House OKs technical elections bill

A package of technical updates to state laws governing elections passed the House on Thursday, including a proposed standard for when an automatic recount of a constitutional amendment ballot question would kick in.

Bulk of controversy plowed under as House OKs ag policy bill

The policy efforts of the House Agriculture and Food Finance and Policy Division took another step forward with Wednesday’s passage of a plethora of policy changes.

House passes $64 million in environmental trust fund appropriations

The House on Wednesday approved a plan Wednesday to spend $64.3 million in appropriations from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.
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