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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Budget negotiations hit a roadblock as tensions rise at the Capitol

Less than two weeks remain until the Legislature must constitutionally finish its work and the lack of agreement between leaders could imperil the goal of finishing on time.

Legislators hear from MPCA as environment conferees begin work

The devil is in the details as the House and Senate undertake reconciling their views on how to fund the state’s environment and natural resource agencies for the 2020-21 biennium.

Housing policy bill focused on renter protections approved by House

With tenant protections and landlord flexibility at the forefront of its discussions, the House voted 85-49 to approve the housing policy omnibus bill, as amended, Monday evening.

An amicable start to E-12 education finance conference committee discussions

The conference committee on the omnibus education finance bill held its first meeting to review the vastly different House and Senate proposals of HF2400.

Spread funding around or give a lot to a couple of projects? Energy appropriations debate begins

After Friday’s stormy first meeting — which included the Senate’s committee co-chair leading staff out of the hearing room in protest — the conference committee dealing with the omnibus jobs and economic development, energy and climate, and telecommunications policy and finance bill met Monday

Gas tax vs. General Fund — work is underway on bridging major differences in House, Senate transportation bills

House and Senate negotiators on Monday began the work of reconciling their vastly different approaches to funding the state’s transportation needs.

Starting Line: Should the Sentencing Guideline Commission be added to state constitution?

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission is already in law, but Rep. Carlos Mariani (DFL-St. Paul) would like to see it added to the state constitution.

Money and policy differences abound in public safety omnibus bills

There will be money and policy to scuffle over in the omnibus judiciary and public safety conference committee, and finding agreement on both will be difficult because the House and Senate positions are starting very far apart.

Can legislative leaders, governor meet self-imposed deadline for budget targets?

Emerging from behind closed doors shortly after noon, Gov. Tim Walz and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka offered up variations on a theme – while talks between the administration and legislative leadership are cordial, ideology is the stumbling block for budget negotiations.

Conferees discover differences aplenty in state government funding, policy

The vote on an agreement on funding elections security, and who may be able to cast a ballot, may be a few days away. Those are just some issues facing the conference commit...
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