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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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State disaster contingency account: Five years of eliminating emergency special sessions

Springtime often brings flooding to Minnesota — and that used to mean calling legislators back to St. Paul for emergency special sessions to appropriate disaster-relief funds. Then state lawmakers changed the law.

Pharmacy benefit manager oversight agreement approved in conference committee

A conference committee focused on improving the oversight of pharmacy benefit managers finished its work Wednesday.

House OKs two-person crew requirement on state’s railways

Some rail carriers in Minnesota would be required to have a crew of at least two people, under a bill passed Wednesday by the House.

Conference committee begins work on bill to improve PBM oversight

A conference committee focused on improving the oversight of pharmacy benefit managers began its work Tuesday with an early-morning start and speedy acceptance of similar and identical bill language.

Lawmakers may burn the midnight oil as budget talks continue

As time continues to run out on the 2019 legislative session, House and Senate leaders and Gov. Tim Walz dedicated the better part of an afternoon Tuesday to ongoing budget target negotiations.

Gun measures fail first votes in public safety conference committee

A pair of gun-control measures failed along party lines Tuesday in a public safety conference committee.

Natural resources policy begins to take shape, budget targets remain elusive

With budget targets still lingering in the political ether, Senate and House conference committees are working toward what agreements they may. A partial agreement was reached Tuesday on policy provisions contained in Article 3 of the omnibus environment and natural resources finance bill.

Republicans, DFL make counteroffers but budget negotiations stall

Budget talks between legislative leaders and Gov. Tim Walz resumed Monday afternoon with Senate Republicans putting forth an offer of increased spending for education and public safety.

Jurisdictional restrictions on tribal police could be removed

As it stands now, a tribal police department cannot enforce state law on tribal lands unless it first signs a cooperative agreement with the local county sheriff’s department. That may change.

House panel OKs study that would examine impacts of $15 per hour minimum wage

How will boosting the minimum wage to $15 per hour, as St. Paul and Minneapolis have done, affect residents of those cities?
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