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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Governor, legislative leaders agree to $48 billion biennial budget

After weeks of closed-door negotiations bent on bridging large philosophical and financial gaps, Gov. Tim Walz and legislative leaders announced an agreement Sunday evening that would fund state government for the 2020-21 biennium.

Why do medical cannabis companies pay the highest corporate taxes in Minnesota?

While recreational marijuana isn’t legal in Minnesota, medical marijuana is. But there are only two companies licensed to produce it in the state, and high taxes are harshing their buzz.

Governor, legislative leaders to announce budget breakthrough

Gov. Tim Walz and legislative leaders are set to announce a budget deal Sunday evening as lawmakers near Monday’s constitutional deadline for adjournment.

Budget talks: Still no deal in sight as 'cone of silence' continues

The trio of leaders in charge of crafting the state’s biennial budget has little to report as of early Saturday evening.

Take two: Legacy of siblings serving together in Legislature dates back a century

In Minnesota, politics have long been a family affair, with members of the same families even serving alongside each other in the Legislature.

Week in Review: May 13-17

A look back at what happened in the Minnesota House of Representatives the week of May 13-17.

With clock ticking down and no budget deal, a special session starts to look more likely

Per the state constitution, the Legislature must wrap up its work by May 20 this year; however, as that time gets closer, it appears a special session will be needed.

Lawmakers, governor quiet as budget negotiations continue — and deadline draws near

Gov. Tim Walz and legislative leaders have been tight-lipped Thursday as they again gathered in the State Capitol in an effort to hammer out a two-year budget deal.

Where will the Legacy money go? Conference committee starts talking

How much money is the easy part. Where to put it is up for debate. Unlike the proposed General Fund appropriations discussed by the governor and legislative leaders, the con...

Agriculture policy set to finish first as conferees reach agreement

The omnibus agriculture policy bill is the first omnibus bill to be wrapped up by its conference committee.
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