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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Minnesota’s youngest learners could get a head start in saving for college

House Early Childhood Finance and Policy Division OK'd its omnibus bill, HF2610, that would create a college savings account pilot for the state's youngest learners.

Cash for training proposed if cop complaints reported

HF2709 would appropriate $12 million during the upcoming biennium for the POST Board if state law enforcement agencies report complaints lodged against their peace officers to the board each year.

Legislative ripple effect returns funds for environmental projects

HF2032 lays out how $64.3 million in Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund dollars would be spent in Fiscal Year 2020.

“Heaven’s Law” could protect children from abuse – even after a move

HF563 would require child welfare agencies to search central child abuse and neglect registries in other states while conducting investigations.

Economic disparities targeted in governor’s plan to close opportunity gap

A bill calling for a $12.65 million appropriation in Fiscal Year 2020 and $12.15 million in Fiscal Year 2021 for one-time grant appropriations to help close the opportunity gap was held over by a House division.

Making movies in Minnesota may get a boost from tax credit

The Snowbate has melted, but the Minnesota film industry hasn’t yet. At least that’s the hope behind two identical bills laid over by the House Taxes Committee Thursday for possible omnibus bill inclusion.

Does Minnesota's research tax credit pay? Bills propose streamlining the process to help

A pair of bills are focused on streamlining the filing process for claiming the research and development tax credit

Is the legislature accessible to all? Proposed working group would take closer look

HF1962 would establish a working group of 12 legislative employees to look into accessibility needs when it comes to the House and Senate.

Omnibus housing policy bill that focuses on protecting tenants gains division approval

Increased protections for Minnesota renters take center stage in the omnibus housing policy bill heard by the House Housing Finance and Policy Division Wednesday.

U, Minnesota State officials response to governor’s higher ed budget? Not enough

Representatives from the U of M and Minnesota State told the House's higher education division that far larger appropriations would be needed than are proposed in Gov. Tim Walz's budget.
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