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Health Care and Human Services Finance Division


2007-2008 Regular Session - Thursday, February 22, 2007



Thomas E. Huntley, Chair

Chair Huntley began the seventeenth meeting at 12:35 p.m. on Thursday, February 22, 2007, in Room 200 of the State Office Building. A quorum was not present.

HF 341 (Gottwalt) - Presented his bill.

Also testifying in favor of the bill were:

Bruce Thielman, Executive Director, St. Cloud HRA

Julie Brott, Assistant Director, Brott Housing With Specialized Services

Rick Klun, Executive Director, Center City Housing Corp, Duluth

Questions and answers followed.

At 1:10 p.m. a quorum was present and the Chair formally called the meeting to order.

The clerk noted the roll:

Members present:

Huntley, Thomas, Chair
Hosch, Larry, Vice-Chair
Abeler, Jim
Brod, Laura
Bunn, Julie
Dean, Matt
Erickson, Sondra
Fritz, Patti
Gottwalt, Steve
Liebling, Tina
Loeffler, Diane
Murphy, Erin
Otremba, Mary Ellen
Peppin, Joyce
Peterson, Sandra
Ruud, Maria
Slawik, Nora
Thao, Cy
Thissen, Paul
Walker, Neva

Members excused:

Anderson, Bruce

Rep. Gottwalt moved HF 341 for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill. There being no objection, the Chair laid the bill over for possible inclusion.

Representative Liebling moved approval of the February 21 minutes. The motion prevailed..

HF 764 (Loeffler)

Rep. Loeffler moved HF 764 for inclusion in the final omnibus bill and moved the H07064A1 amendment (attached). The motion prevailed. The amendment was adopted. Also testifying on the bill was:

Cindy Rupp, Division Manager, Washington County, Chemical Health Oversight, testifying also on behalf of Minnesota Inter-County Association; the Association of Minnesota Counties; and the Minnesota Association of County Social Services.

Questions and answers followed. Don Allen, Mental Health Chemical Dependency area of DHS was called to the table for questions.


The Chair moved HF 764 be laid over for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill.

HF 1068 (Jaros)

The Chair moved HF 1068 for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill.

Rep. Jaros presented his bill, along with testimony from the following individuals:

Rick Sherber, Director, Minnesota Teen Challenge

Denise Kmett, Teen Challenge client

Bridgette Eastvold, Teen Challenge client

Warren Werchowski, Teen Challenge client

Rep. Walker moved the H0764A1 amendment (attached). Speaking to the amendment were:

Joe Bigbear, Director, American Indian Services

Ron Cobenais, Cultural Coordinator, American Indian Services

Chair Huntley moved the H0764A1 amendment. The motion prevailed and the amendment was adopted.

Rich Scherber gave closing remarks on HF 1068.

Chair Huntley moved HF 1068 be laid over, as amended, for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill and adjourned the meeting at 2:07 p.m.

Thomas E. Huntley, Chair

Jan Horner, Committee Legislative Assistant
More Info On This Meeting..

HF764 (Loeffler) Chemical dependency allocations modified.
HF341 (Gottwalt) Stearns and St. Louis counties group residential housing provider moratorium exceptions provided.
HF1068 (Jaros) St. Louis County group residential housing supplemental rates modified for a specified facility.