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Minnesota Legislature

Survey results

Friday, May 01, 2015

Results from Rep. Mark Anderson's 2015 legislative survey


What is the best approach for addressing the problems with the Obamacare exchange in Minnesota, MNsure?

52%     It isn't working, repeal it entirely

20%     It can be fixed by enacting significant reforms

11%     It's working, keep it as it currently is

17%     Give Minnesotans more options outside of MNsure


The February forecast showed that Minnesota is projected to have a $1.9 billion surplus for Minnesota's 2016-17 budget. What should the Legislature do with that money?

10%     Increase spending

43%     Return it to the taxpayers

47%     Keep it in the reserves


What mode of transportation do you normally use to get to work?

80%     I drive myself

1%       I carpool

0%       I take the bus

0%       I take the light rail

19%     Other


What should be done to improve transportation?

17%     Increase funding for roads and bridges by decreasing funding for trains

20%     Make transportation a higher priority in the budget

48%     Dedicate all transportation-related revenue to transportation needs

9%       Increase gas taxes and/or vehicle license fees to fund all forms of transportation, including roads, bridges, buses and trains

5%       Other


Under Minnesota law, Sunday liquor sales are illegal in this state. Do you support repealing this law, allowing liquor stores to sell alcohol on Sundays?

30%     Yes

60%     No

10%     Undecided


Currently, in tight budgeting times, school districts make layoff decisions based on teacher seniority. Some legislators are advocating for a reform that allows schools to also consider teacher effectiveness in those decisions. Do you support making this change?

79%     Yes

15%     No

6%       Undecided


What should be done to improve long-term care for seniors?

25%     Relieve burdensome administrative and paperwork requirements for long-term care facilities

17%     Combat shortage of long-term care workers by expanding training scholarships and employment incentives such as loan forgiveness

34%     Create a tax-exempt savings plan to encourage people to save for long-term care costs

16%     Increase funding for long-term care facilities


Do you support any of the following tax reform policies?

30%     Exempt seniors' Social Security income from taxation

20%     Exempt veterans' military pensions from taxation

22%     Align state taxes with federal law to allow Minnesotans to take full advantage of IRS tax breaks

21%     Repeal recent tax increases from the last two years

7%      Other

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