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Week in Review: March 13-17

By Mike Cook
The House Education Finance Committee listens to testimony on HF1663 March 16. Photo by Paul Battaglia

Two committee deadlines are down and the third — when committees must act favorably on major appropriation and finance bills — is two weeks away.

A key benchmark toward reaching that final deadline took place Friday afternoon when Gov. Mark Dayton unveiled his supplemental budget based off the state’s projected budget surplus.

Before that, things were hopping in the House with committees meeting day and night. Among issues addressed in the past five days include: collegiate student activity fees, data sharing, elections changes, gas tax revenue, jumbo shrimp, reinsurance program, teacher seniority, terrorism funding and zero-based budgeting.

Before looking ahead to next week which could include the first omnibus finance bill unveiling, let’s take a look at what you may have missed this week.

Check out the latest gallery from House Photography and stay up-to-date on House news and updates throughout the week at Session Daily.

Stay safe out there.



Ag committee approves farm safety bill


Jumbo shrimp farms touted as new agriculture industry



More money for pre-K education, savings are priorities in governor’s revised budget


Howe pleads case for ‘painful’ state budgeting process



Governor, lawmakers agree families need help with care costs — but how much?



‘Snow Angel’ grants would provide $4 million for ski areas



Teacher seniority no guarantee of job retention under bill that passes House


Student concurrent enrollment programs seek equal footing



Omnibus elections bill calls for calendar shifts


Minnesotans could cast ballots marked ‘Challenged’



Political workers would not qualify for dislocated worker aid



LCCMR bill moves forward despite substantial changes



Advocates call for more cash assistance to help families in need


Fees strain middle class families with children who are disabled


Some wanting to marry find they’d be barred from a state program


Group residential homes seek more funding to support services


House passes reinsurance program aimed at stabilizing individual market



Proposed post-secondary programs for students with disabilities offer opportunity


Mandatory Minnesota State student activity fees could be no more



Patchwork of local policies has lawmaker saying ‘no’ to their state aid



Making Minnesota better for veterans: Chair says ‘nonpolitical’ approach is best



Funding a terrorist act deserves a felony charge, bill says


Not just a metro problem — money sought to target central Minnesota sex traffickers


Starting line: Gun violence prevention bill hopes to boost community safety


Sheriffs could refer more inmates for local mental health services



Minnesota Zoo seeks $3.75 million in Legacy funding



State’s IT service needs consolidation, $3 million in cuts proposed


Increased data sharing sought among government agencies


‘Deeper type’ of financial audit on CTIB, Met Council draws Otto’s ire


Push to find budget savings means mid-level agency numbers could dwindle


State employees could opt out of state’s insurance coverage


Minnesota Index: Shining a light on government data



Utilities would pay property taxes based on plants’ output



Cities make case for more local street funding


Lawmakers seek solution as more electric vehicles mean less gas tax revenue


Special license plate would ‘honor those who have fallen’


Road weight limit exemption sought for ambulances


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