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H.R. No. 17, as introduced: 82nd Legislative Session (2001-2002) Posted on May 2, 2001

1.1 A house resolution 1.2 celebrating the life of Lou Fuller. 1.3 1.4 WHEREAS, Lou Fuller was born in 1940, and grew up in a 1.5 loving home with her parents, Marcella and Cornelius Wilson, her 1.6 two sisters, Charlotte and Linda, and brothers, Neal and Jerry; 1.7 and 1.8 WHEREAS, even at an early age, Lou had a spiritual and 1.9 giving nature, and her siblings sought her counsel and respected 1.10 her strength; and 1.11 WHEREAS, Lou graduated from the University of Toledo with a 1.12 Bachelor of Science degree, and also graduated from the Bowling 1.13 Green School of Nursing; and 1.14 WHEREAS, over the last 30 years, Lou's career included 1.15 numerous positions of leadership and policy development, 1.16 including executive positions at Wayside House, Inc. of St. 1.17 Louis Park and Chart, Inc.; and 1.18 WHEREAS, most recently Lou held the position of Director of 1.19 the Office of Minority Health at the Minnesota Department of 1.20 Health; and 1.21 WHEREAS, in this role, Lou was responsible for helping to 1.22 eliminate the gaps and disparities in the health and care of 1.23 populations of color in the state health care system; and 1.24 WHEREAS, several key achievements are attributed to Lou in 2.1 this capacity, including building awareness and implementing 2.2 prevention programs on minority teen pregnancy, minority infant 2.3 mortality, and senior health care; and 2.4 WHEREAS, Lou spoke at statewide, national, and 2.5 international conferences on both health care and living wage 2.6 job development for women of color and the disadvantaged, 2.7 including speaking at a National Conference on Economic 2.8 Conversion in Sheffield, England, as part of the Minnesota Jobs 2.9 with Peace delegation; and 2.10 WHEREAS, Lou spoke passionately about the vast health 2.11 disparities that exist between Minnesota's European American 2.12 population and populations of color, especially American Indians 2.13 and African Americans, finding it unacceptable that such vast 2.14 disparities could exist in one of the healthiest states in the 2.15 nation, and she turned her passion into action by promoting 2.16 research, strategies, and public policies to begin reducing the 2.17 gaps in such areas as infant mortality, chronic disease, teen 2.18 pregnancy, and women's health; and 2.19 WHEREAS, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to the 2.20 community and serving to better the lives of others, Lou was a 2.21 founding member of several key organizations: the Minority 2.22 Women's Employment Network - Region V; the Metropolitan Council 2.23 Minority Advisory Committee; the Minnesota Philanthropy Project; 2.24 the Minneapolis Project Self-Sufficiency Task Force; and the 2.25 Minnesota Council on Non-Profits; and 2.26 WHEREAS, in addition to being a founding member, Lou also 2.27 served on the board of these organizations; and 2.28 WHEREAS, Lou also served as Vice-President of the Minnesota 2.29 State Board of Psychology and board chair for the Institute on 2.30 Black Chemical Abuse (now African-American Family Services); and 2.31 WHEREAS, Lou's many other volunteer activities included 2.32 serving as past chair of the Resource and Planning Committee of 2.33 the Minneapolis United Way and board member for the Minnesota 2.34 Medical Association - Minority Affairs Committee; and 2.35 WHEREAS, Lou also volunteered her time for the Minnesota 2.36 Black Physicians Association, the Minneapolis YWCA, Minnesota 3.1 Jobs with Peace, and the Communities of Color Institute Board, 3.2 along with many other important community initiatives; and 3.3 WHEREAS, in addition, Lou ran for election to the State 3.4 Senate twice, in 1990 and 1992, the first African-American woman 3.5 to do so in a general election in Minnesota; and 3.6 WHEREAS, an avid golfer, Lou also worked hard to promote 3.7 minority youth involvement in golfing and other sports, 3.8 including teaching her two grandchildren, Whitney and Phillip, 3.9 how to golf; and 3.10 WHEREAS, a mother, grandmother, sister, and a daughter, Lou 3.11 leaves to cherish her memory a loving daughter, Suzanne Fuller, 3.12 two grandchildren, Whitney and Phillip Terrill, along with her 3.13 mother, her sisters, a brother, and a host of nieces, nephews, 3.14 and cousins; and 3.15 WHEREAS, Lou leaves many other family members, friends, and 3.16 colleagues to cherish her love, her memory, and her zeal for 3.17 improving the circumstances of others; NOW, THEREFORE, 3.18 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State 3.19 of Minnesota that it honors the life and work of Lou Fuller, who 3.20 gave all of herself to make a difference in the world and 3.21 improve the plight of the disadvantaged, and who will be greatly 3.22 missed by all those whose lives she touched. 3.23 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chief Clerk of the House of 3.24 Representatives is directed to prepare an enrolled copy of this 3.25 resolution, to be authenticated by his signature and that of the 3.26 Speaker, and transmit it to the family of Lou Fuller.