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Bill Summaries: 2015–2016

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Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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Bill                Latest Summary VersionChief Author               SubjectVersions     
HF 1As IntroducedKreshaGreater MN Economic Development and Job Creation 
HF 2Fourth engrossmentLoonClarifying conditions for teacher licensure and employmentAll versions
HF 3As introducedSchomackerLong-Term Care Workforce Development and Tax Policy 
HF 4Comparison summaryKellyTransportation finance omnibusAll versions
HF 5Third engrossmentMackMNsureAll versions
HF 6First engrossmentDavidsIncome tax federal conformityAll versions
HF 8Delete everything amendment (H0008DE2)KreshaChild protectionAll versions
HF 9As introducedScottMetropolitan Council 
HF 10As introducedWillsIncome tax credit for employers who hire veterans 
HF 12As introducedCornishBlue Alert system 
HF 15As introducedMarianiIncreasing the compulsory attendance age from age 17 to age 18 
HF 18As IntroducedKahnMNsure; application of information technology laws 
HF 20As introducedKahnContinuing appropriations; government shutdown 
HF 27As introducedDavidsDestination Medical Center aid and financing 
HF 29As introducedDavidsRepeal of TANF funding for working family credit 
HF 30As introducedDavidsClarification of TANF funding for working family credit 
HF 31First engrossmentQuamVictims of identity theftAll versions
HF 34As introducedAnzelcDeer River School District, Multiage Community Center 
HF 40As IntroducedPersellFully Funding School District Pupil Transportation Expenses 
HF 43As introducedWinklerExpress advocacy and electioneering communications 
HF 46As introducedMurphy, E.Universal all-day preschool for four-year-olds 
HF 51As introducedDavidsState lottery sales 
HF 53As introducedDavidsExpands the sales tax exemption for telecommunications equipment 
HF 61As amended by author's amendment (H0061A1)Anderson, S.Research credit 
HF 62As introducedAnderson, S.Extends research credit to sole proprietors 
HF 63With author's amendment (H0063A2)Anderson, S.Maximum 7.85% income tax rate for active pass-through income 
HF 65First engrossmentAnderson, S.Angel investment credit allocationAll versions
HF 66As introducedAnderson, S.Angel investment credit made permanent 
HF 69As introducedDavidsProviding a vendor allowance for sellers collecting and remitting the sales tax 
HF 70As introducedAnderson, S.Small brewery Sunday sales 
HF 71First engrossmentSwedzinskiCriminal vehicular homicide; Drake's lawAll versions
HF 72As introducedAnderson, S.Income tax credit and deduction allowed for preK expenses 
HF 75As introducedRunbeckMetropolitan Council plans are advisory 
HF 82As introducedLoonEstate tax – adopt federal exclusion amount 
HF 86As introducedNewbergerCity of Becker liquor license 
HF 89As IntroducedDavnieExpanding the sales tax for instructional materials 
HF 90As introducedQuamProvisional Balloting 
HF 91As introducedNornesProperty tax exemption for new or expanding manufacturing businesses 
HF 96As introducedAlbrightEstate tax – adopt federal exclusion amount 
HF 97As introducedHamiltonDriver's licenses and Minnesota identification cards 
HF 98As introducedClarkDriver's licenses and Minnesota identification cards 
HF 100As introducedNortonAllowing school districts to begin the school year before Labor Day 
HF 101As introducedMahoneyCounty consent on MnDOT projects 
HF 103As introducedNortonProposed state constitutional amendments; two-thirds legislative vote 
HF 104As introducedNortonForfeiture; financial exploitation vulnerable adult 
HF 121As introducedSwedzinskiSmall brewery Sunday sales 
HF 122As introducedSwedzinskiExpanding the motor vehicle sales tax exemption for certain local government purchases 
HF 123As introducedSwedzinskiState lottery warning requirements 
HF 125As introducedDettmerIncome tax credit for employers who hire disabled, unemployed, or 9-11 veterans 
HF 127First engrossmentDettmerAppropriating funds to support the commissioning of the USS MinnesotaAll versions
HF 132As introducedRosenthalSales tax exemption for bullion coins 
HF 134As introducedDettmerVeterans Volunteer Trust 
HF 135With author's amendment (H0135A1)PeppinFiscal disparities program; limiting contributions for certain municipalities 
HF 136As introducedDettmerSales tax filing requirements and vendor allowances 
HF 137As introducedDettmerMilitary retirees and survivors; allowing an income tax subtraction and repealing the credit for past military service 
HF 140As introducedCarlsonTargeting property tax refund 
HF 141First engrossmentDettmerVeteran-owned Small Business CertificationAll versions
HF 146As introducedDettmerHonor and Remember Flag 
HF 147As introducedDettmerProperty taxation; disabled veteran market value exclusion 
HF 148As introducedDettmerEstate tax – adopt federal exclusion amount 
HF 153The delete everything amendment (H0153DE3)ClarkUrban agriculture 
HF 155First engrossmentScottAutomatic License Plate Reader Data 
HF 162First EngrossmentNornesNursing Facility Rate Adjustment for Certain FacilitiesAll versions
HF 164First engrossmentKnoblachDisaster reliefAll versions
HF 166As introducedKahnProviding funds to the legislative auditor for costs incurred in legacy fund audits 
HF 167As introducedNornesSales tax exemption for agricultural drainage tiles 
HF 172First EngrossmentLeschUniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act 
HF 173As introducedRarickNursing Facility Payment Rates for Certain Facilities 
HF 175As introducedLuceroSchool District Equity Aid; Metro Adjustment 
HF 176As IntroducedSimonsonModifying the use of Duluth food and beverage and lodging taxes 
HF 177First engrossmentSandersSelf-service storage insuranceAll versions
HF 180As introducedGarofaloManufactured home space requirements 
HF 181Second engrossmentMcNamaraOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 182First engrossmentGarofaloCompressed natural gas (CNG) tax rateAll versions
HF 184As introducedDrazkowskiAquatic Invasive Species Requirements 
HF 188As introducedNewbergerPrehospital Care Data 
HF 189As introducedDavidsAdministration of the regional emergency medical services grant program 
HF 190As introducedFreibergNursing Facility Payment Rate 
HF 191Third engrossmentKreshaChild protectionAll versions
HF 194As introducedSlocumAdditional accountability measures for charter schools serving at-risk student populations 
HF 195First EngrossmentRunbeckMetropolitan Council, transit financesAll versions
HF 197As introducedMillerImplementing flexible learning year programs without commissioner approval 
HF 199As introducedHilstromFirst-degree burglary; OFP violation 
HF 200First engrossmentHilstromUniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Access Act (UFADAA)All versions
HF 208As introducedGruenhagenUse of public funds in ballot question campaigns 
HF 209As IntroducedQuamDodge County/SE MN HRA 
HF 210Second engrossmentZerwasCaregiver designationAll versions
HF 211First engrossmentKielHealth practitioner loan forgivenessAll versions
HF 213As introducedDavidsElimination of Medical Transportation Rate Reductions 
HF 215The author's amendment (H0215A3)HoweAllocating sales tax on motor vehicle parts to the highway user tax distribution fundAll versions
HF 216First engrossmentAnderson, P.Civil immunity for agritourism professionalsAll versions
HF 217As introducedSelcerAllowing 9th and 10th grade students to enroll in concurrent enrollment world languages courses 
HF 220Delete everything amendment (H0220DE1) Nurse Licensure Compact 
HF 222Second EngrossmentCornishAutomated license plate readersAll versions
HF 223As IntroducedHoweZero-based budgeting 
HF 226As IntroducedHalversonSchool Readiness Aid Expanded 
HF 228First engrossmentKnoblachExclude scholarships from household income for homestead credit refund and renter property tax refundAll versions
HF 229As introducedMcDonaldIncome and corporate tax subtraction for fitness facility fees 
HF 230As introducedJohnson, C.Proposed state constitutional amendments; enactment by law 
HF 231As introducedLoonSunday liquor sales 
HF 232As introducedUrdahlNursing Facility Rate Adjustment for Certain Facilities 
HF 233As introducedHancockCivil commitment 
HF 236First engrossmentZerwasRight to Try ActAll versions
HF 239Second engrossmentAnderson, P.Bonds requirements for conservators under the Uniform Probate CodeAll versions
HF 241As introducedHilstromCrime of electronic impersonation 
HF 243Second engrossmentNewtonBenefits for Purple Heart RecipientsAll versions
HF 244First engrossmentUrdahlTeacher preparation program accountability dataAll versions
HF 245Second engrossment, with author's amendment (H0245A3)UrdahlIndividual income tax credit for teachers who obtain master's degree in field of licensureAll versions
HF 246As introducedUrdahlTeacher mentorship programs 
HF 250As introducedNewtonNotice and reporting requirements regarding licensed school counselors and other school personnel 


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