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Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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Bill                Latest Summary VersionChief Author               SubjectVersions     
HF 1As IntroducedRep. SelcerRepaying the School District Aid Payment Shift 
HF 2First committee engrossmentRep. DavnieProperty and Local Tax Division ReportAll versions
HF 3As introducedRep. SavickMinnesota Investment Fund 
HF 4As introducedRep. SawatzkyMinnesota Trade Office 
HF 5Ninth engrossmentRep. AtkinsHealth insurance exchangeAll versions
HF 5Conference Committee ReportRep. AtkinsHealth insurance exchange 
HF 6First engrossmentRep. LenczewskiIncome tax federal conformity for tax year 2012All versions
HF 8The H0008A13 amendmentRep. MulleryForeclosures; loan modification requests 
HF 9Third EngrossmentRep. HuntleyMedical Assistance ExpansionAll versions
HF 16As IntroducedRep. MulleryHiring and unemployment status 
HF 19Second EngrossmentRep. HortmanMultiparty accounts and agency designationAll versions
HF 20First Data Practices Subcommittee EngrossmentRep. FreibergData Practices; Personal Contact InformationAll versions
HF 31As IntroducedRep. NewtonSchool Lunch Aid; Increasing State Reimbursement for Reduced Price Meals 
HF 34As amended by H0034A2Rep. Erickson, S.Requiring persons to pass the basic skills examination before enrolling in a teacher preparation programAll versions
HF 37As introducedRep. MulleryCorporate franchise tax – throwback sales rule 
HF 39As IntroducedRep. PersellLocal sales tax in the city of Walker 
HF 40First engrossmentRep. HilstromGuardian and Conservator Appointment and Criminal Background ChecksAll versions
HF 46As introducedRep. MulleryNeighborhood Development Center 
HF 53As IntroducedRep. WoodardSchool District Aid Payment Shift; Requiring a Three-fifths Passage Rate 
HF 54First engrossmentRep. MulleryConsumer FraudAll versions
HF 55As introducedRep. SundinCarlton County levy for Sawyer Cemetery 
HF 57As introducedRep. DillModifying the levy authority of the Cook-Orr Hospital District 
HF 59As introducedRep. DettmerMilitary; Income tax subtraction for military retirement pay; no phase-in 
HF 60As introducedRep. DettmerMilitary; 5-year phase-in of income tax subtraction for military retirement pay 
HF 61As IntroducedRep. DettmerVeterans; Reducing the rate of the income-based reduction of the income tax credit for past military service 
HF 62As IntroducedRep. DettmerVeterans; broadening eligibility for a tax credit for past military service 
HF 63As introducedRep. DavidsIncome tax federal conformity for tax year 2012 
HF 64As introducedRep. HansenQualifying the South St. Paul School District for Alternative Facilities Revenue 
HF 66First engrossmentRep. HansenDrainageAll versions
HF 67As introducedRep. DettmerSales tax filing requirements and vendor allowances 
HF 68As introduced Honor and Remember Flag 
HF 71The delete everything amendment (H0071DE2)Rep. DettmerEstate tax – conforming to federal exemption amount 
HF 74As introducedRep. SchoenAmbulance Service Payment Rates 
HF 75First engrossmentRep. SchoenCommunity paramedicsAll versions
HF 80As introducedRep. HilstromDebt buying and collection on default judgments 
HF 81As IntroducedRep. NornesAuthorization to impose aggregate tax 
HF 83Second engrossmentRep. FreibergMortgage foreclosure notice requirements and limits on “dual tracking”All versions
HF 84Third engrossmentRep. LeschDog and Cat Breeder Regulation BillAll versions
HF 87As introducedRep. WinklerMortgage satisfaction, partial satisfaction, affidavit of survivorship 
HF 88First engrossmentRep. DettmerVeterans; Rehabilitation presumed through honorable military serviceAll versions
HF 90First engrossmentRep. HilstromFinancial exploitation of a vulnerable adultAll versions
HF 91As amended (H0091A2 author's amendment)Rep. LenczewskiTobacco Taxation 
HF 924th engrossmentRep. WinklerMinimum wageAll versions
HF 102As introducedRep. MoranLimiting market value increases for properties on Central Corridor LRT line 
HF 104As introducedRep. HansenDakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 105As IntroducedRep. Ward, J.A.Authorizing Funding for Voluntary Full-Day Kindergarten 
HF 107First engrossmentRep. MoranChild care provider absent days reimbursementAll versions
HF 109First EngrossmentRep. Ward, J.E.New veterans nursing home authorized, to be located in Brainerd 
HF 110As IntroducedRep. Ward, J.E.Brainerd Civic Center/Bonding Request 
HF 111As introduced PSEO enrollment priorities for otherwise qualified veterans 
HF 113As amended by H0113A1Rep. McNamarCyrus/Morris School District Consolidation 
HF 114As introducedRep. LillieCity of Oakdale – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 118As introducedRep. McNamarExpands the existing sales tax for public safety radio purchases to the entire state 
HF 119As introducedRep. GruenhagenNursing Facility Property Rate Increase 
HF 122First engrossmentRep. NortonVacancies in Nomination; Non-partisan OfficesAll versions
HF 123First EngrossmentRep. QuamReview of excess MnDOT propertyAll versions
HF 126As introducedRep. FaustHomestead credit refund for homeowners and renter property tax refund 
HF 128First engrossmentRep. SlocumSolid waste collection in cities and townsAll versions
HF 129First engrossmentRep. SandersForeclosure Consultant definition 
HF 130As IntroducedRep. GuntherBoard of Accountancy 
HF 131As introducedRep. SlocumEstate Sales 
HF 134As IntroducedRep. WoodardRepaying the School District Aid Payment Shifts 
HF 135As introducedRep. NornesUse of Laser Sights by Visually Impaired Hunters 
HF 136Third engrossmentRep. HansenDefinition of public official, campaign finance, and public disclosureAll versions
HF 138As introducedRep. NornesMini trucks 
HF 139As introducedRep. NornesNursing Facility Operating Payment Rate Increase 
HF 141As introducedRep. Ward, J.A.Soil and water conservation districts, redistricting schedule 
HF 142As introducedRep. KiefferCriminal Sexual Conduct 
HF 145As IntroducedRep. NewtonVeterans; appropriating money for homeless veterans outreach and services 
HF 146As introducedRep. HoweOfficer Tom Decker Memorial Highway 
HF 147As introducedRep. SlocumCultural competency training for educators 
HF 149As introducedRep. PersellSale of State Nursery Plantings to Soil and Water Conservation Districts 
HF 150As IntroducedRep. LillieMilitary; Prisoners of War - Missing in Action; memorializing Congress 
HF 1511st EngrossmentRep. HansenPesticide applicator education and certificationAll versions
HF 152As introducedRep. NelsonTransportation Department ombudsperson 
HF 153As introducedRep. DettmerAdjusting Legislative District Boundaries 
HF 155First engrossmentRep. RunbeckNotaries Public 
HF 157Sixth engrossmentRep. HilstromRegulation of bullion coin dealersAll versions
HF 161First engrossmentRep. CornishHomicide victims; probateAll versions
HF 162As introducedRep. DavnieState Park Permits for Disabled 
HF 164As introducedRep. NortonRadiation Therapy Facilities Construction 
HF 165As amended by H0165A1Rep. SlocumAdditional funding for Recovery School Programs 
HF 166As introducedRep. SlocumAllowing pupils temporarily placed in a care and treatment center to continue participating in district extracurricular activities 
HF 168As introducedRep. BeardLiquor License for Valley Fair 
HF 169As introducedRep. FabianScopes on Muzzleloaders 
HF 171As introducedRep. Ward, J.E.Repealing the requirement that teacher candidates pass a basic skills exam before receiving a teaching license 
HF 172As IntroducedRep. PeppinFederal contingency planning 
HF 173As introducedRep. MorganRenter property tax refund; percentage of rent constituting property tax 
HF 174With author's amendment H0174A1Rep. AllenProperty tax exemption for nonprofit property owned by Indian tribes 
HF 176As introducedRep. NortonMA Dental Coverage for Disabled Adults 
HF 181Second engrossmentRep. NortonHealth insurance coverage of autism spectrum disordersAll versions
HF 182As IntroducedRep. DavnieBeer educator license established 
HF 183First EngrossmentRep. HolbergGovernment data; breaches of security 
HF 184As introducedRep. WinklerPublic Safety; firearms; establishment of a voluntary registry 
HF 185As IntroducedRep. LieblingMayo Civic Center/Bonding Request 
HF 186As IntroducedRep. DavnieBeer tastings allowed 
HF 193As introducedRep. SimonNo-excuse absentee voting 
HF 194As introducedRep. AtkinsPreventing fraud in money transmissions 
HF 195First engrossmentRep. LoefflerDieticians and nutritionists; prescription protocolAll versions
HF 197As introducedRep. BeardRecounts 
HF 198As introducedRep. MarianiIncreasing the compulsory attendance age 
HF 199As IntroducedRep. SimonsonSpecial firefighter plates 
HF 201As IntroducedRep. SchoenEmergency Medical Services 
HF 204As introducedRep. SchoenLevel I Trauma Center Payment Rates 
HF 205As IntroducedRep. LoefflerMortgage and Deed Tax Reinstatement 
HF 206As introducedRep. Anderson, S.Research Credit 
HF 207First engrossmentRep. LillieOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 208As introducedRep. LenczewskiBloomington South Loop development authority 
HF 210As introducedRep. BrynaertTrunk Highway 14 appropriations 
HF 211As introducedRep. BrynaertHighway 14 project planning 
HF 212First EngrossmentRep. YarussoAppeals in certain tax mattersAll versions
HF 213As introducedRep. LoefflerHennepin County Pilot and MA Copayments 
HF 214Delete everything amendment (H0214DE3)Rep. HuntleyBasic Health Program 
HF 215As introducedRep. Ward, J.A.Occupational therapists 
HF 216As IntroducedRep. WinklerLegislative Days 
HF 218As introducedRep. Anderson, S.Permanent Deer License for Disabled Veterans 
HF 220First engrossmentRep. FritzChild care licensing requirementAll versions
HF 222As introducedRep. IsaacsonI-694/Rice St. interchange 
HF 224As amended by Elections CommitteeRep. Erickson, R.Mail ballotingAll versions
HF 225As IntroducedRep. Erickson, R.Red Lake School District; Maximum Effort Capital Loan 
HF 226As introducedRep. NortonLocal road and bridge bonding 
HF 228First engrossmentRep. Johnson, B.Wildfire arsonAll versions
HF 232Second engrossmentRep. HilstromStatutory Short Form Power of AttorneyAll versions
HF 234As introducedRep. NewtonAuthorizing a school district to renew an operating referendum by board approval 
HF 235As IntroducedRep. WoodardSchool District Aid Payment Shifts; Requiring a Three-fifths Passage Rate 
HF 237Delete-everything amendment (H0237DE5)Rep. PaymarFirearmsAll versions
HF 238As introducedRep. DavnieUnlawful possession of firearms on school property 
HF 239As introducedRep. DavnieViolating private land owners' firearm prohibitions 
HF 240As introducedRep. SchoenFirearms Access for Mentally Ill 
HF 241As introducedRep. HausmanAssault Weapon Regulation 
HF 242As introducedRep. HausmanRegulating Large Capacity Magazines for Firearms 
HF 244As introducedRep. Johnson, S.Firearms 
HF 247First EngrossmentRep. MarianiImplementing integration revenue replacement advisory task force recommendationsAll versions
HF 248As IntroducedRep. RunbeckSchool District Equalization Levels for Debt Service and Operating Referenda 


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