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4.16 BILLS AFFECTING GOVERNMENT DATA PRACTICES. The Committee on Civil Law has jurisdiction over a House or Senate bill that substantially affects either Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, or other government data practices statutes. Except as otherwise provided in this Rule and Rule 1.15, a bill that is within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Civil Law must be referred to that committee before it receives its second reading. A committee or division reporting such a bill must recommend its re-referral to the Committee on Civil Law if reporting before the deadline for action on the bill by that committee; if reporting after the deadline, the committee or division must recommend re-referral to the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration. The re-referral requirement of this Rule does not apply to a bill if the Committee on Civil Law already has approved the bill or the substance of the matter that otherwise would require re-referral under this Rule. The Chair of the Committee on Civil Law shall advise the Speaker on the application of this Rule and may determine whether or not a bill must be referred to the Committee under this Rule.

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