1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1732, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 4, line 16, before the semicolon, insert ", except as otherwise provided by paragraph
1.3(f) as it applies to data derived from market analysis"
1.4Page 5, line 14, delete "their" and insert "its"
1.5Page 5, line 17, delete "specific"
1.6Page 5, line 25, after "examination" insert a semicolon
1.7Page 5, delete line 26
1.8Page 6, line 13, delete "business"
1.9Page 7, line 6, after "or" insert "section 60A.033, subdivision"
1.10Page 7, line 10, delete "business"
1.11Page 7, line 12, delete "12" and insert "18"
1.12Page 7, line 14, before "there" insert "the commissioner determines that" and delete "or"
1.13Page 7, after line 14, insert:
1.14"(2) the examination is a multistate examination; or"
1.15Renumber the clauses in sequence
1.16Page 7, line 15, delete "can show" and insert "determines"
1.17Page 7, line 16, before the period, insert "and the commissioner notifies the insurance
1.18company in writing of the reasons why the examination requires additional time"
1.19Page 7, delete subdivision 10 and insert:
1.20    "Subd. 10. Hearing; procedure; judicial review. (a) An insurance company aggrieved
1.21by any decision or action of the commissioner under this section as it relates to market
1.22analysis, may, within 21 days after that decision or action, make a written request to the
2.1commissioner for a hearing to determine whether the decision or action complies with the
2.2requirements of this section. The commissioner shall hear the party or parties within 21
2.3days after receipt of the request and shall give not less than ten days' written notice of the
2.4time and place of the hearing. Within 15 days after hearing the commissioner shall affirm,
2.5reverse, or modify the previous action and specify the reasons for that decision or action in
2.6writing. The effective date of the commissioner's action or decision may be suspended or
2.7postponed pending the completion of the hearing before the commissioner.
2.8(b) Nothing contained in this section requires the observance at any hearing of formal
2.9rules of pleading or evidence.
2.10(c) An order or decision of the commissioner is a final decision subject to appeal in
2.11accordance with chapter 14.
2.12(d) Time used to complete a hearing and appeal under this section must not be counted
2.13toward the timeframe for completion of an examination under section 60A.033, subdivision